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Upgrade sonar-javascript to 6.1 and sonar-typescript to 2.1



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 8.1
    • Component/s: None
    • Labels:
    • Edition:
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      Replace org.sonarsource.javascript:sonar-javascript-plugin: by (LATEST_RELEASE)
      Replace org.sonarsource.typescript:sonar-typescript-plugin: by (LATEST_RELEASE)


      SonarSource/SonarJS 401b90a2bf Fix typescript installation in ITs
      SonarSource/SonarJS e0a66bc322 Prevent ConcurrentModificationException when testing logs
      SonarSource/SonarJS 034746e6c5 Use NodeJS provided via Jenkinsfile (#1325)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4b3c8289bf  Support property to define tsconfig file (#1324)
      SonarSource/SonarJS f8d17f4c47 Add JavaScriptRule annotation
      SonarSource/SonarJS 9bfc6c0b50 Add rule S4325 'no-unnecessary-type-assertion' [TS]
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2ac9ef6674 Update ruling for S4325 with actual results
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3739740575 Provide copy-paste detection and size metrics for TypeScript (#1319)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4e36e724fa Report issue for ParsingError rule when (and only) failed to parse with ESLint frontend (#1331)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 76a37398ad Provide cyclomatic complexity metrics for TypeScript (#1333)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c5914d0fd9 Improve logging when invalid response
      SonarSource/SonarJS 7b777e6d07 Make consistent names of ESLint-based sensors
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4d74cc37c8 Add symbol highlighting for TypeScript (#1334)
      SonarSource/SonarJS de0a72a19c Don't send file content to NodeJS process in analysis request (#1336)
      SonarSource/SonarJS fe752cc977 Add rule S107 (based on 'max-params') for TS/JS (#1342)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c7df029d07 Add property sonar.javascript.node.maxspace to set NodeJS heap size (#1351)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2ae4edfe55 Add rule S109 (based on 'no-magic-numbers') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1349)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 69adefc2ee Add rule S113 (based on 'eol-last') for TS/JS (#1352)
      SonarSource/SonarJS a27f811fdd Fix name of recommended rule profile for TS (#1359)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b0a744fe0e Add rule S108 (based on 'no-empty') for TS/JS (#1353)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b26ae75f07 Add cognitive complexity metric (TS) and rule (TS/JS) based on 'cognitive-complexity' from eslint-plugin-sonarjs (#1354)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 9a4220c025 Add rule S103 (based on 'max-len') for TS/JS (#1358)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e4318917b2 Make ruling IT more robust (#1361)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2cace4abc1 Add rule S104 (based on 'max-lines') for TS/JS (#1363)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 93cbace525 Ignore eslint config in comments (#1356)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ae1b4e6dd0 Lookup typescript from property or filesystem and set NODE_PATH (#1350)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ac2defcaf5 Split Ruling IT into 2 stages (#1365)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8ddf522f43 Add rule S1066 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-collapsible-if') for TS (#1360)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 35d529323e Rely on visitor-keys from SourceCode (#1378)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ca4d6a5312 Add rule S878 (based on 'no-sequences') for TS/JS (#1364)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ecc8c191c2 Add rule S1116 (based on `no-extra-semi`) for TS/JS (#1379)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2191f62456 Support TypeScript analysis in SonarLint context (#1366)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 980250c9ef Add rule S1479 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/max-switch-cases') for TS (#1380)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b97525d341 Print concise warning when TypeScript version is not compatible (#1384)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 70a78621c8 Clean ruling (#1381)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 64ce394851 Use empty profile for tslint report import test (#1389)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2058245d99 Update sqKey properties and make sure they are up to date (#1387)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2a107208a4 Handle missing typescript more gracefully (#1386)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 503b9f1cde Add rule S138 (based on 'max-lines-per-function') for TS/JS (#1383)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2d933df7d3 Drop dojo project from JS ruling (#1390)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 80f82d66d9 Add IT for different TypeScript versions (#1394)
      SonarSource/SonarJS db71edd95e Add rule S1301 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-small-switch') for TS (#1397)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b7bd06ab94 Fix flaky test - ConcurrentModificationException when asserting logs (#1391)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c7fe3c274b Add S121 (based on 'curly') for TS/JS (#1400)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 159929e511 Add S1438 (based on 'eslint/semi') for TS/JS (#1401)
      SonarSource/SonarJS dd1849d123 Rely on ESLint-based frontend to generate metrics and highlighting for JavaScript (#1385)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6f52496b35 Add rule S1192 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-duplicate-string') for TS (#1395)
      SonarSource/SonarJS d6ea158c33 Add rule S1125 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-redundant-boolean') for TS (#1399)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8f95279f35  Add S122 (based on 'max-statements-per-line') for TS/JS (#1411)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ab0ac274f2 Add S1143 (based on 'no-unsafe-finally') for TS/JS (#1406)
      SonarSource/SonarJS aa609636dc Add test checking that profile file does not contain legacy keys (#1421)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2e37637490 Add rule S905 (based on 'no-unused-expressions') for TS/JS (#1414)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6819feca96 Add rule S1441 (based on 'quotes') for TS/JS (#1393)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 1c05e7352c Add S1105 (based on `brace-style`) for JS/TS (#1407)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 580a6d7380 Add rule S1525 (based on `no-debugger`) for TS/JS (#1439)
      SonarSource/SonarJS d9dd428ab7 Add S1516 (based on `no-multi-str`) for TS/JS (#1428)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 269cee21d1 Add S1264 (based on `eslint-plugin-sonarjs/prefer-while`) for TS (#1425)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5f7319e96f Add S1523 (based on `no-eval`) for TS (#1423)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 953d19e24b Add rule S1117 (former S1524) (based on 'no-shadow') for TS/JS (#1424)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 560970bb51 Add S1488 (based on `eslint-plugin-sonarjs/prefer-immediate-return`) for TS (#1442)
      SonarSource/SonarJS bf4d6c5d83 Add S1440 (based on 'eqeqeq') for TS/JS (#1440)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 1c5ad8d708 Add rule S2688 (based on 'use-isnan') for TS/JS (#1480)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 862d297a96 Add rule S1862 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-identical-conditions') for TS (#1477)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 64d8e593c2 Add rule S1940 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-inverted-boolean-check') for TS (#1481)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 123051555c Add rule S1871 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-duplicated-branches') for TS (#1478)
      SonarSource/SonarJS fb259c222b Add rule S1656 (based on 'no-self-assign') for TS/JS (#1453)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3f8f9b1081 Add rule S1526 (based on `no-use-before-define`) for TS/JS (#1467)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 27edf5361e Add rule S3257 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-inferrable-types') for TS (#1534)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6992c644c4 Add rule S2737 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-useless-catch') for TS (#1535)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 31402c1b35 Add rule S2966 (based '@typescript-eslint/no-non-null-assertion') for TS (#1536)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3ce1903c1a Add rule S3504 (based on 'no-var') for TS/JS (#1492)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4c32eb9571 Add rule S1764 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-identical-expressions') for TS (#1464)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 0196fefdb0 Add rule S2685 (based on 'no-caller') for TS/JS (#1483)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 71f6a15c72 Add rule S2933 (based on '@typescript-eslint/prefer-readonly') for TS (#1538)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2f3b3e1fce Disable test TypeScriptAnalysisTest.test_missing_typescript (#1540)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c741bc66eb Fix typechecking for tests (#1539)
      SonarSource/SonarJS f69e5abefd Fix flaky test - stop SonarLint engine before asserting logs (#1541)
      SonarSource/SonarJS df43597da1 Fix flaky test - SonarLintTestCustomNodeJS (#1544)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 0fff473dd4 Fix 2 issues differences (#1542)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c098db272d Add rule S2814 (based on 'no-redeclare') for TS/JS (#1502)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 227efe64b3 Add rule S2228 (based on 'no-console') for TS/JS (#1501)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 923a82c25c Add rule S3402 (based on @typescript-eslint/restrict-plus-operands) for TS (#1537)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8394799494 Add rule S4204 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-explicit-any') for TS (#1543)
      SonarSource/SonarJS d7384b89be Validate dir when installing typescript in tests (#1454)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 949c138314 Add rule S3498 (based on 'object-shorthand') for TS/JS (#1546)
      SonarSource/SonarJS cdf7d08e73 Add rule S4326 (based on 'no-return-await') for TS/JS (#1551)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 91999e71ef Add rule S4138 (based on '@typescript-eslint/prefer-for-of') for TS (#1552)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b9cef160a6 Add rule S4144 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-identical-functions') for TS (#1550)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 54e30293b8 Add rule S4156 (based on '@typescript-eslint/prefer-namespace-keyword') for TS (#1549)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 93a3ea6746 Add rule S4327 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-this-alias') for TS (#1553)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 0e43cb4085 Add rule S3512 (based on 'prefer-template') for TS/JS (#1548)
      SonarSource/SonarJS bd885f16a3 Add rule S3353 (based on 'prefer-const') for TS/JS (#1545)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 34f59c8b83 Coverage should be imported also for TS files (#1556)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 547375b791 Add rule S3699 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-use-of-empty-return-value') for TS (#1555)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 22fcecd5c9 Add S108 to Sonar way profile (#1558)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6973614fbe Add rule S4124 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-misused-new') for TS (#1557)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5af383d970 Add rule S3863 (based on 'no-duplicate-imports') for TS (#1559)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c65622991e Add rule S3696 (based on 'no-throw-literal') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1564)
      SonarSource/SonarJS eae53304de Add rule S4023 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-empty-interface') for TS (#1566)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2f256431f2 Add rule S3786 (based on 'no-template-curly-in-string') for TS/JS (#1565)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 49349235e1 Add rule S3799 (based on 'no-empty-pattern') for TS/JS (#1567)
      SonarSource/SonarJS f5ad910a62 Add rule S3533 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-require-imports') for TS (#1562)
      SonarSource/SonarJS a593e639bb Add rules S4140 (based on 'no-sparse-arrays') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1569)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 39e002115f Add rule S3854 (based on 'constructor-super') for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 83f91d4621 Add IT for testing TS rules
      SonarSource/SonarJS 9f575a3b1a Add rule S4136 (based on '@typescript-eslint/adjacent-overload-signatures') for TS (#1568)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 124bdcff1e Add rule S4139 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-for-in-array') for TS (#1573)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ef14ba6543 Add rule S4137 (based on '@typescript-eslint/consistent-type-assertions') for TS (#1575)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8e73486210 Add rule S4143 (based on 'eslint-plugin-sonarjs/no-element-overwrite') for TS (#1570)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8f9c5eb2e2 Bump version to 6.0 (#1577)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b6d44783e3 Add rules from SonarTS to the default TS profiles (#1560)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 60eafe1eae Use released version of sonar-analyzer-commons (#1578)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 9ba5ff9b06 Fix quality flaw - remove todo and sort list of rules provided by SonarTS (#1581)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2e47765bff Add security hotspots S4784 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS b6dfd64de9 Add security hotspots S4823 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 24a66a06c8 Add security hotspots S2245 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 52dbe0fdd0 Add security hotspots S4790 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS cb0439706b Add security hotspots S4721 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS bf8fcecf27 Add security hotspots S4818 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 063e6dd3d6 Add security hotspots S4829 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5d9d81081d Add security hotspots S2255 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS d60dd6f2d6 Add security hotspots S5122 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS b0c30c4d01 Add security hotspots S4787 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 385684c3a3 Add security hotspots S4817 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS b900023012 Add security hotspots S2077 for TS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 25c2b22f08 Parse vue files in ESLint-based sensor (#1579)
      SonarSource/SonarJS f6cdd873fb Add static analyzer documentation (#1582)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3ac265ae5c Support 'sonar.typescript.node' property from SonarTS with deprecation warning (#1584)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 175e1fef5e Deprecate custom rules (#1588)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c245feaefa Clean code: fix code smells, remove unused resources, fix FIXME (#1589)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8025e3e5f4 Upgrade to ESLint 6 (#1587)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 58a08937b4 Create default configuration if no tsconfig file is found (#1585)
      SonarSource/SonarJS f68e21089b Only print warning when custom rules are really used (#1595)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6d7ec18262 ClassCastException in DeadStoreCheck (#1600)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6a8a5621ec Revert #1419: Add rule S1526 (based on `no-use-before-define`) for TS/JS (#1599)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4652da6f4c Split analysis by individual tsconfig files if there are more than 2 (#1596)
      SonarSource/SonarJS bde92bceae Support also TS property `sonar.typescript.exclusions` (#1601)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 42841cf461 Stop analysis if TypeScript version is below 3.2.1 (#1594)
      SonarSource/SonarJS f5c51355f5 Remove null elements in ts config lists (#1602)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5774f303d8 Catch all exceptions during analysis and send them as response (#1604)
      SonarSource/SonarJS da1c0bfe0d Update lock file (with single lodash) (#1603)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 315ab953da Fix S1523 for TS: rely on code-eval  (#1605)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e7afedbcc6 Update rule metadata (#1606)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 160d8bf0e6 Update sonarpedia.json file (#1609)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3c3fa73598 Prepare next development iteration 6.1 (#1610)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 34acab5ed6 Remove rules provided by SonarTS from profiles (#1611)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8218314748 Add rule S105 (`indent` in tslint) for TS/JS (#1612)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 0ea5053554 Update readme with hiring link (#1616)
      SonarSource/SonarJS bacb410cd0 Use https url for submodule (#1620)
      SonarSource/SonarJS fc4d3c16ec Add rule S101 ('class-name' in tslint) for TS/JS (#1618)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 874c53dfa4 Add rule S1821 ('no-nested-switch' in tslint) for TS/JS  (#1614)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 930b70eedf Add rule S881 for TS/JS (`no-nested-incdec` in tslint) (#1613)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 377d030a07 Add rule S1439 for JS/TS (before `label-position`) (#1617)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 9a0b2a0b17 Add rule S2757 ('no-misspelled-operator' in tslint) for TS/JS (#1621)
      SonarSource/SonarJS baf15a415f Add rule S2123 ('no-useless-increment' in tslint) for TS/JS
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3a8ec891cf Remove rules_provided_by_SonarTS list
      SonarSource/SonarJS 315d507f12 Add rule S3616 ('no-case-with-or' in tslint) for TS/JS (#1627)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 281ac26f20 Add rule S4622 ('max-union-size' in tslint) for TS (#1630)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c78a99e353 Declare dependency on SonarTS plugin in manifest (#1622)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e1f251f21b Add rule S1110 for TS/JS ('no-redundant-parentheses') (#1626)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b8ea00875f Add rules S1751 and S3626 for TS/JS (S3626 new rule for JS) (#1631)
      SonarSource/SonarJS faa9a3fdeb Add rule S1533 ('no-primitive-wrappers') for TS/JS (#1633)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 747e2d4d46 Rely on eslint 5.16
      SonarSource/SonarJS 009d287a33 Remove angular and vscode projects from TS ruling test
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4ce90e8ae3 Add rule S117 ('variable-name') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1625)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b952590ac2 Add dogfood merge
      SonarSource/SonarJS baf629ba83 Point dogfood to dogfood-on-peach branch
      SonarSource/SonarJS e7b0832499 Add rule S3972 ('no-same-line-conditional') for TS/JS (#1634)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 38911e210e Add rule S3984 ('no-unthrown-error' in tslint) for TS/JS (#1640)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 134645ba85 Add rule S1451 ('file-header') for TS/JS (new parameters for TS) (#1639)
      SonarSource/SonarJS daf09a4acf Add rule S4621 ('no-duplicate-in-composite') for TS (#1642)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 868e772f75 Setup nightly builds (#1645)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 98d266df08 Fix analysis of files with BOM character (#1649)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4dabd4771f Mention possibility to install supported TypeScript version in logs (#1658)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b6e2ec8874 Fix handling of encodings other than UTF-8 (#1663)
      SonarSource/SonarJS f472d9db21 Add rule S4624 ('no-nested-template-literals') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1647)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 1198b3fc3d Add rule S4524 ('prefer-default-last') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1650)
      SonarSource/SonarJS cd74590332 Add rule S4323 ('use-type-alias') for TS (#1660)
      SonarSource/SonarJS d73ef58052 Rely on TypeScript to get list of files for tsconfig (#1648)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2ffc7be4cc Add rule S4324 ('no-return-type-any') for TS (#1637)
      SonarSource/SonarJS d4d34cf62b Add rule S3801 ('no-inconsistent-return') for TS/JS (#1656)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5b92b21298 Add rule S4322 ('prefer-type-guard') for TS (#1666)
      SonarSource/SonarJS bc454a5668 Use the correct link (#1670)
      SonarSource/SonarJS d9fa238a27 Build using cirrus-ci (#1615)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e83c5505d4 Run QA also on master and long-term branches (#1676)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3e66e64329 Add rule S2870 ('no-array-delete') for TS/JS (#1668)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6aa7b2c077 Use more cpu for win_qa and build (#1679)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 0224453cf6 Add rule S1541 ('cyclomatic-complexity') for TS/JS (#1653)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 79ed52e876 Add rule S4619 ('no-in-misuse') for TS (#1672)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6b162347d3 Add rule S4123 ('no-invalid-await') for TS (#1671)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b0d9be3fab Remove dogfood merge on delete (#1682)
      SonarSource/SonarJS aab29b29d4 Add rule S4623 ('no-undefined-argument') for TS (#1677)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 0d50e21db2 Add rule S4030 ('no-unused-array') for TS/JS (#1683)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 533a121e44 Add rule S2201 ('no-ignored-return') for TS (#1680)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3fc3b1337f Use bundledDependencies for packaging of eslint-bridge (#1681)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 71ea0e4b99 S1541: Enable support of secondary locations (#1686)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b6c4079d57 Use latest image to fix PR coverage on next (#1687)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 963fbcf694 Change variable name for promote function (#1685)
      SonarSource/SonarJS bc414d1c79 Fix windows build to use scripts embedded in windows image (#1694)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3b623b94fd Reenable ignored test for missing typescript and fix for Node.js 12 (#1693)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 927d333712 Add rule S4335 ('no-useless-intersection') for TS (#1690)
      SonarSource/SonarJS d15a83724b Add rule S4798 ('bool-param-default') for TS (#1688)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 6925cb0dd8 Add rule S4634 ('prefer-promise-shorthand') for TS (#1692)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 83cab1e6a4 Add rule S2871 ('no-alphabetical-sort') for TS (#1691)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c6977cf943 Add rule S3516 ('no-invariant-returns') for JS/TS (#1689)
      SonarSource/SonarJS fff0b446bb Add rule S1226 for TS/JS (`no-ignored-initial-value`) (#1678)
      SonarSource/SonarJS cea2500b4f Add rule S4043 ('no-misleading-array-reverse') for TS (#1695)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5ae213ca6c Cirrus CI: Use lt-base-windows image for windows build (#1699)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4bac9a9710 Add rule S4158 ('no-empty-collection') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1697)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c1d14f6068 Fix import of unit test report (#1700)
      SonarSource/SonarJS cff6d7c591 Add rule S2681 ('no-unenclosed-multiline-block') for TS/JS (#1701)
      SonarSource/SonarJS debac82212 Add rule S2234 ('arguments-order') for TS/JS (#1705)
      SonarSource/SonarJS c72cae202a Add rule S4822 ('no-try-promise') for TS (#1704)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 23f6f50958 Update typescript-eslint to 2.6.0 (#1702)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5afe1e48da Add rule S4782 ('no-redundant-optional') for TS (#1706)
      SonarSource/SonarJS deed07729b Add rule S3981 ('no-collection-size-mischeck') for TS/JS (#1703)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 51fa7c5dbb Add S1121 for TS/JS ('no-nested-assignment') (#1707)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e2ad212f33 Add rule S2068 ('no-hardcoded-credentials') for TS/JS (#1710)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 776ce02e82 Add missing license header (#1712)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e638eec5cd Add rule S125 for TS/JS (`no-commented-code`) (#1708)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5c1cece2ad Add rule S2589 ('no-gratuitous-expressions') for TS/JS (#1709)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 46e80f8691 Add rule S1526 ('no-variable-usage-before-declaration') for TS/JS (#1711)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 831390d1b2 Add rule S4157 (based on '@typescript-eslint/no-unnecessary-type-arguments') for TS (#1714)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e4b1d6358c Fix build for dogfood branch (#1719)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 2e3239fab7 Fix TypeScriptRuleTest (#1716)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 1c2df4975f Deprecate low value rules (#1720)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 776bb81932 Add rule S1874 ('deprecation') for TS (#1715)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ad53463d26 Add rule S4275 ('no-accessor-field-mismatch') for TS/JS (new rule for JS) (#1713)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8b9f782f0b Add rule S4328 ('no-implicit-dependencies') for TS (#1717)
      SonarSource/SonarJS a364691ccd Add rule S1854 ('no-dead-store') for TS/JS (#1718)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 769d415409 Quote command on mac (#1723)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5e765a3aa5 Use DEV for SonarTS dependency in ITs (#1727)
      SonarSource/SonarJS cba8b59315 Assert the license headers in eslint-bridge/tests (#1725)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ee6300edf3 Fix FP for S4328: @types/... (#1728)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 9f1289128d Highlight curly brackets (#1733)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 4f2670de3d Check for missing typescript error when getting files by tsconfig (#1732)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 5eb83bbac9 Rely on eslint-plugin-sonarjs for S3972, S3626, S4030, S3981 (#1735)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 0c617518b5 Analyze only files which are part of the tsconfig.json (#1734)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 8be0fb2ad6 Add internal property to fail fast when analysis fails (#1739)
      SonarSource/SonarJS ce93685f96 Rely on run-node for MacOS (#1743)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 22c49c0e7b Run Java frontend and Java based rules in single sensor
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3d7e2883ad Support cancellation in eslint analysis
      SonarSource/SonarJS 52392085b0 Update rules metadata (#1744)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 3e1dc4e9f8 Add test reproducing exclusions limitation (#1745)
      SonarSource/SonarJS a1a02418d2 Add UI warning if TypeScript is missing (#1747)
      SonarSource/SonarJS bd854524db S1854 add destructuring exception to deadstore (#1746)
      SonarSource/SonarJS 1c7c41cba2 Use java.nio when extracting the bundle instead of File.mkdirs (#1749)
      SonarSource/SonarJS b55fce9220 Fix ESLint external issues mapping for no-console and no-const-assign (#1748)
      SonarSource/SonarJS de8a4bff1c Fix code smells (#1751)
      SonarSource/SonarJS e78f55aea4 S3498 ObjectLiteralShorthandCheck: prefer shorthand for quoted properties (#1752)
      SonarSource/SonarTS abada3192b Bump to new development version (#817)
      SonarSource/SonarTS b3b850b688 Update S1523 (NoEval) message (#820)
      SonarSource/SonarTS eebaa4dd45 FN no-useless-cast/S4325: detect property access with useless inline casting (#819)
      SonarSource/SonarTS da4efeca16 Update node module dependencies to latest version (#822)
      SonarSource/SonarTS b869142bcc Run analysis on newly created files in SonarLint context (#826)
      SonarSource/SonarTS e769787246 fix build (#835)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 9073794c09 Update ITs to not use sonar.profile property (#841)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 52d45bdb08 QA: test against DOGFOOD SQ instead of DEV (#843)
      SonarSource/SonarTS a5f29f3737 Update prefer-promise-shorthand.md
      SonarSource/SonarTS 22dfb2912a Update orchestrator to fix failing QA with latest SQ (#849)
      SonarSource/SonarTS d417ca3f83 Use Java 11 for build (#850)
      SonarSource/SonarTS ed7b12de71 Fix javadoc generation
      SonarSource/SonarTS f3475b3263 QA: Update Jenkinsfile lib to 2.1.2 (#854)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 9ab4f7e83d Update sonar scanner version to version
      SonarSource/SonarTS a181d457d9 Use open jdk for build (#861)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 8698cb159c Use LTS 7.9 for ITs (#863)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 7ece93ecc0 Update orchestrator to version 3.26
      SonarSource/SonarTS c0be1fa78f Add documentation about running TSLint plugin inside ESLint (#866)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 7f72f7ff29 Bump version of SQ plugin to 2.0 (#875)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 9de20e4f24 Update prefer-promise-shorthand.md (#846)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 5415036927 Update TS version used in ITs
      SonarSource/SonarTS 6f8819c5e1 Update SQ API to 7.9
      SonarSource/SonarTS 405c20cba4 Provide only rules not available in SonarJS
      SonarSource/SonarTS 1ccc321205 Return early when no rules are enabled
      SonarSource/SonarTS 08eeca8125 Fix tests relying on presence of rules in default profile
      SonarSource/SonarTS 2e6ad69fa7 Add S4157 as provided by SonarTS
      SonarSource/SonarTS 8d46775888 Support sonar.nodejs.executable property to configure Node.js
      SonarSource/SonarTS a6a213fb3d Whitelist S3801
      SonarSource/SonarTS 12e381affa Order whitelist
      SonarSource/SonarTS fabe7d41fa Use released version of sonar-analyzer-commons
      SonarSource/SonarTS d258cebd42 Fix quality flaw - don't use deprecated method and fix generics
      SonarSource/SonarTS 065eb8c4bb Add static documentation (#876)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 4da095b0d2 Whitelist S1526
      SonarSource/SonarTS 62c6a2de70 Update sonarpedia.json
      SonarSource/SonarTS e84fe9e1f1 Prepare next development iteration - 2.1 (#880)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 2cfc102d32 Provide empty SonarTS plugin to facilitate migration to TypeScript an… (#881)
      SonarSource/SonarTS ea407411d6 Update README (#882)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 6bc0f09f33 Add sensor logging message that SonarTS does nothing (#885)
      SonarSource/SonarTS 268ba9581b Update doc (#886)




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