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Delete Quality Profile should be handled on the project's page



      Use Case

      • Analyse a project
      • Create quality profile
      • Associate the project to the quality profile
      • Execute an analysis
      • Delete the quality profile

      When trying to access to the project homepage, an error is displayed "The specified qualityProfile 'AWBV7G9vAnNPPzGNBFhW' does not exist".

      Technical details

      The project's page displayed the quality profile used during the latest analysis of the project.
      One or more of those quality profiles may have been deleted since the latest analysis.
      The error message on the project page comes from a call to api/rules/search made for each quality profile of latest analysis to retrieve the list of deprecated rules in those profiles and display them as a tooltip.

      On top of the error message, when a quality profile has been deleted, the link on this quality profile links to a missing page.


      The use case described above is legitimate and should be handled properly.

      When a Quality Profile does not exist anymore, on the project's page:

      1. the UI should not make an attempt on retrieving the deprecated rules for this Quality Profile
      2. the UI should not display a link to the Quality Profile page
      3. the UI should inform the user that the Quality Profile no longer exists with a tooltip: [profile name] has been deleted since the last analysis.

      To achieve this, the UI requires the WS api/navigation/component to be updated:

      • for each Quality Profile, a new field deleted (boolean) is returned: true if the Quality Profile has been deleted, false otherwise


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