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SonarLint For Eclipse


Name Start date Release date Description
Unreleased 4.1
Released 4.0 Simplify project binding. Prepare the drop of modules
Released 3.6 Rules configuration
Released 3.5 Rule deactivation
Released 3.4 Files exclusions
Released 3.3.1 Fix VisualCobol / Topaz support
Released 3.3 Developer notifications + SQ API 6.7
Released 3.2 All files analysis. New server connection wizard
Released 3.1 Support of organizations. Collection of usage statistics.
Released 3.0 API for better integration (IDz)
Released 2.6 Support for secondary issue locations
Released 2.5.1 Fix bug in C/C++ support with CDT
Released 2.5 Support of C/C++ projects, pre commit analysis
Released 2.4 Check for updates
Released 2.3.1 Fix bug on Windows
Released 2.3 Hide WF/FP in connected mode, display rule extended descriptions, connected mode now requires SQ 5.6+
Released 2.2.1
Released 2.2 ResourceChangeListener, Custom rules, ...
Released 2.1 Support 4.5 LTS and commercial plugins
Released 1.3.1