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Basic anonymous statistics for SonarQube



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      To better understand our users and their usage of SonarQube, we want to start collecting some basic telemetry to answer the following questions:

      • How many instances of SonarQube are live today?
      • What version of SonarQube do they run?
      • Which plugins are installed?
      • What's the overall volume of code they cover? And what's the breakdown per language?


      • The data sent by a SonarQube instance must not allow to identify a specific user (= anonymous information)
      • This data must be sent on a fixed periodical basis
        • Same basis for all SonarQube instances
        • Data is sent weekly
        • First check to eventually send data is done after 6 hours to avoid the test instances that are up for a short time (ex: developer box, ITs)
      • In this first version, here's the data that will be sent:
        • The server UUID
        • The version of SonarQube
        • The list of plugin keys along with their version
        • The total number of projects
        • The breakdown of projects per language (as we have on the "Projects" page)
        • The total number of lines
        • The breakdown of lines of code per language
        • The number of (active - i.e. non deleted) users
      • Feature must be enabled by default
        • At startup, an INFO message must be logged to inform the user that anonymous data information will be collected (<= let's formulate it the same way we do in SonarLint)
        • To opt-out, the user should be able to uncomment a property in the "sonar.properties" file (property for which we document precisely what anonymous data is sent)
          • When we detect that this property is set to "true" at startup, we send a DELETE request to notify Chestnut about this opt-out, and we never send another new ping. Only the server uuid is sent in this case.
          • If it turns out that this property is removed some day, then the telemetry must start again
          • Note: this property should have no effect when a commercial plugin is installed (to be discussed)
      • If sending the data fails for whatever reason (e.g.: missing proxy configuration), it should fail silently without displaying any error in the logs
      • This data should be available in the "System Info" JSON document served by api/system/info
        • We can simply add a new "Statistics" entry (at the same level as "System" or "Settings") that will contain the exact JSON document (payload field) that is sent to Chestnut with an enabled field
      • SonarQube should rely on the same mechanism as SonarLint to send this anonymous data
        • JSON data over HTTPS
        • with user agent containing "SonarQube" (like for the UPC calls)
        • pointing to Chestnut endpoint

      WS contract with Chestnut

      Chestnut endpoint is: https://telemetry.sonarsource.com/sonarqube

      • POST request is a "ping"
      • DELETE request is the opt-out (only server UUID is sent in this case)

      No need to pass a timestamp inside the document, Chestnut takes care to add one when it receives the document.

      Expected document is:

        "id": "skdhs8898Dskd090Nds",
        "version": "",
        "plugins": {
          "csharp": "",
          "java": ""
        "userCount": 500,
        "lines": 16839039,
        "ncloc": 15315978,
        "nclocLanguageDistribution": {
          "java": 6370983,
          "js": 8039893
        "projectCount": 154,
        "projectLanguageDistribution": {
          "java": 130,
          "js": 24


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