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Highlight "Sonar way" built-in quality profiles



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      MMF-324 introduced "Built-in" QP that are read-only and automatically updated. This was the first step towards what we want: highlight the "Sonar way" built-in profiles that SonarSource provides through its analyzers.


      The "Sonar way" QP are provided by the language analyzers developed by SonarSource. They contain all the rules that should be usable by any project w/o discussion, and that should bring a lot of value without generating noise.

      The main problem is that they are not highlighted enough in SQ as being the "standards" that SonarSource pushes.

      Note that:

      • Built-in profiles are not necessarily named "Sonar way" (any plugin - even third party ones, can bring built-in quality profiles)
      • A plugin can bring several built-in quality profiles (like SonarPHP for instance)

      Use Cases

      The "Sonar way" QP are designed to show which rules are recommended for each language. Therefore, as a QP administrator, I would expect SonarQube to help me know which QP don't use those recommended rules.

      On each custom (i.e. non built-in) quality profile, I expect to:

      • see a "card" listing - for each "Sonar way" built-in quality profile of the corresponding language, the rules that I miss on this profile
        • we already know how to do that (with the comparison feature): here we're simply talking about always highlighting the differences with the current status of the built-in profile
      • have a link to the Rules page to be able to activate them all
        • this would require a new feature in this page: show "Sonar way" (or other built-in quality profile) rules not activated on profile A
        • and then it's easy to bulk activate them or do this one by one

          When clicking on the link next to "Sonar way rules not included" the user lands on the rules page, with a specific filter allowing him to see rules activated on SonarWay but not on his custom profile:

          This double filtering feature is only activated when the user is coming from this specific page. Otherwise, we don't provide a way to manually double-filter from this facet.

      Also, on this page tooltips are displayed when hovering on the little "?" helpers:

      The one next to "Deprecated rules" says "These deprecated rules will eventually disappear. You should proactively investigate replacing them"
      The one next to "Sonar way rules not included" says "Recommended rules are missing from your profile"


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