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View Governance Page based on SonarQube Quality Model



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      The fixed project landing page available since SQ 5.3 was a way :

      • To enforce the concepts of Quality Gate and Leak Period
      • To enforce a common user experience to all of our users
      • To provide a more synthetic overview on the state of the project
      • To provide a very actionable page

      But this page mainly targets the stakeholders having a technical background and when aggregating some projects the concept of leak period is not anymore as relevant as it can be on a project.
      The goals of this governance page are :

      • To target any stakeholders and so also the ones without any technical background
      • To provide four global and easy to understand governance indicators rated from A(best) to E(worst). Moreover for each indicator, the remediation effort to go back to A (green) should be provided
        • Releasability : ratio of projects ready to go into production (with a green or orange quality gate)
          • A: 100%
          • B: >=80%
          • C: >=60%
          • D: >= 40%
          • E: <= 40%
          • Remediation effort : total number of projects with a red quality gate
        • Maintainability (see MMF-184) : density of code smells
          • Remediation effort : amount of code smells to be fixed to be back to green
        • Security (see MMF-184) : vulnerability with worst severity
          • Remediation effort : total number of vulnerabilities
        • Reliability (see MMF-184) : bugs with worst severity
          • Remediation effort : total number of bugs
      • To access to some sub-pages (More links) on all indicators to get some deeper and actionnable pieces of information :
        • Releasability -> access to a new "Releasability" sub page to get the list of failing projects with failing criteria
          • Sorted by sub-view and then by project name
        • Maintainability (see MMF-141)
        • Reliability (see MMF-141)
        • Security (see MMF-141)
      • To vizualise the breakdown of those indicators either by sub-view or by underlying projects
        • Either with the treemap
          • And so ability to drilldown within the treemap
        • Or with the "flat" list of projects that "break" the indicator (to directly see the full list of "offending" projects w/o having to drilldown)
          • Ex.: if the selected indicator is "Reliability", list of the projects that are not green ordered by increasing rating (i.e. the "worst" first)
      • To vizualise the breakdown of the total remediation effort with help of a sunburst
        • Level #1 = center of the sunburst = total remediation effort
        • Level #2 = breakdown of the effort into Maintainability, Reliability and Security
        • Level #3 (not displayed by default) = breakdown of the characteristics by rule


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