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SonarQube must show the most appropriate landing page for logged-in users


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      With the "Unified User Experience" concept, we want SonarQube to focus on user needs based on the types of users we target:

      • developer
      • tech lead / product or project manager
      • executive

      Each profile should have a landing page in SonarQube targeted specifically to it:

      • "(My) Issues" for developers
      • "(My) Projects" for tech leads / product managers
      • "(My) Portfolios" for executives (coming with Governance product)

      Currently, when you log in into SonarQube, you land on the "Projects" space. While this covers the 2nd type of users, it does not play nice out of the box for the 1st and 3rd types of users.

      Use Case

      As a user:

      • once I've logged in, I expect SonarQube to take me to the page that is the most appropriate for me
      • I expect to be able to somehow choose or reset this default:
        • In case I end up on a page that does not suit me well
        • In case I change position (e.g. I move from developer to product manager)


      These are the expected general behavior patterns. They may be contradicted for individual roles:

      • If I go to the "Issues" page, I expect to see "My Issues" if I have open issues assigned to me
        • If I don't have any issues, the All tab should be shown automatically
      • If I go to the "Projects" page, I expect to see my favorite projects
        • If I don't have any favorites, the All tab should be shown automatically
      • If I go to "Portfolios", I expect to see my favorite portfolios
        • If I don't have any favorites, the All tab should be shown automatically

      If I don't have favorite projects or portfolios and choose to go to the Favorites tab manually, I should see a message encouraging me to favorite some projects/portfolios. The "pick some favorites" message should take the form of:

      You don't have any favorite [type]s yet. Mark [type]s of interest as favorites ( ) in order to have quick access to them here.

      More precisely:

      • As an anonymous user, I expect to:
        • Land on the About page (current state)
        • Never see a "My" indicator in the interface or a message urging me to choose favorites
      • As a developer, I expect to:
        • Land on "My Issues"
        • In an exception to the generally expected behavior pattern for the Issues page, if I have no issues, I should not automatically be flipped over to All Issues; instead I should see an encouraging message like "Hooray, no Issues here!". Other user types should not see this message.
      • As a tech lead, I expect to:
        • Land on "My Projects"
      • As an executive, I expect to:
        • Land on "My Portfolios"

      First login

      If I have not yet picked a default landing page (so I'm either a new user, or the instance has just been upgraded to a version with this feature) I should be directed to the All Project page, and on top of it I should see a popup something like:

      Welcome to SonarQube
      For the best experience, please pick the landing page that suits your role:

      • My Issues - recommended for Developers
      • My Projects - recommended for Technical Leads and Managers
      • My Portfolios - recommended for Executives

      You can update this choice at any time in the account dropdown (), so we won't show you this popup again.

      Clicking on an option will

      • set my choice
      • take me to that page

      If I escape/close this popup without making a choice

      • I will not see it again
      • My Projects will be set as my default

      Picking a new default page

      Under the user menu, we'll add a section similar to that found in Jira, where the bullet indicates the current selection:
      My SonarQube Home

      • My Issues
        My Projects
        My Portfolios

      Selecting a value should:

      • (re)set my choice
      • take me to the chosen page

      Profile page

      Since I can easily see and change my home page selection in the profile dropdown, it will not appear in the My Account pages.

      Proposed design solution


      Popup on first-time usage:


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