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      In SQ 6.2, we introduced the anonymous landing page. This is a very good step forward, and we want to do a second iteration to improve it in order to better cover:

      • SonarQube.com use case
      • Corporate context use case
      • First install use case


      • As a new user of SonarQube.Com:
        • The first thing I want to see is the "Get Started" and "Log in" links
        • I want to quickly know which languages are supported by SonarQube.Com and so if using SQ.Com is relevant to analyze my project
          • Currently, we hardcoded a list if languages in the customizable area
        • For each language, I'd like to know how many rules are available for me to use on my project(s)
      • As a new user of SonarQube, just after having installed SonarQube, I would like to quickly know:
        • What the main concepts are with links to documentation
        • Which languages can be supported (that I can install), and to get some pointers to the homepages of the relating code analyzers
      • As a big company that has a dedicated team to manage code quality, I would like to:
        • Be able to add some messages to this first landing page to mention links to internal documentation, people to contact in case of trouble, ... etc

      Suggested changes

      We need 2 different pages:

      • One for SQ on premise:
        • Same look and feel as SonarQube itself
        • Customisable area for more content
        • Lists of SonarSource supported languages
      • One for SonarQube.com:
        • Same look and feel as SonarQube.org website
        • Customisable area too

      See the mockups attached to this MMF.

      Technical implementation

      It turns out that we must have 2 different pages with different content and different rendering. By default, the "OnPrem" version must be used. The "Cloud" version will be activated by a parameter that will be set in the "sonar.properties" file.


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