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Provide some "all-in-one" SonarQube distributions


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      Since its inception SonarQube has been a highly extendable tool on which you can plug a lot of different plugins. In the past years we've slightly limited the scope of this extensibility to what really relates to the evaluation of code quality. But this extensibility remains one of the core feature of SonarQube.

      Nevertheless for most end-users dealing with this extensibility and with its side effects is somehow useless. We would like those users to be able to consider SonarQube as a "all-in-one" tool and so:

      • Not having to deal with the complexity relating to the compatibility matrix of plugins. For instance when upgrading SonarQube.
      • Not having to browse the SonarQube update center to figure out which plugin should be installed to cover a popular use case (like analyzing PHP code) ...
      • ...

      And to do that we suggest to provide 3 SonarQube distributions :

      • Community Edition: containing all the SonarSource's Open Source code analyzers (SonarJS, SonarPHP, SonarJava, SonarXML, SonarWEB, SonarC#, ...)
      • Team Edition: containing all the SonarSource's code analyzers
      • Enterprise Edition: containing all the SonarSource's code analyzers + Governance product + LDAP plugin

      In term of licensing, we could also imagine for the Team and Enterprise distributions to embed a 1 month evaluation license for all embedded commercial products. And finally we should decide if we want to keep on failing the analysis when a commercial code analyzer is installed without a correct license and when a relating source file (like .c source file with SonarC++) is anlayzed.


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