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SonarQube must display full version names for itself and the plugins


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      Now that we have in place the "release from build" process in place on our products, the technical version of a release has the following pattern: x.y.z.build

      Such pattern is:

      • not adapted to Communication / Marketing
      • too complex to read and understand from an end-user point of view

      Use Cases

      1. As someone who follows the release news, I want to see that SonarJava 4.4 has been released
        • This is the public release name
        • Format is x.y.z, 'z' being optional
          • Ex.: 6.3, 5.6.1
        • Will be used in:
          • JIRA
          • The product news
          • Twitter
          • Blog entries
          • All the websites (SonarQube, SonarLint, SonarSource)
      2. As a developer at SonarSource, I want to know exactly which build produced a given artifact
        • This is the technical release name
        • Format is x.y.z.build, 'z' being not optional
          • Ex.:,
        • Will be used in:
          • Artifact name produced by the CI toolchain - even for a GA release
          • Burgr
      3. As a SonarQube user, I want to see in SonarQube the full identification of the products
        • This is the full release name
        • Format will be x.y.z (build xxx), 'z' being optional
          • Ex.: 6.3 (build 4589), 5.6.1 (build 7895)
        • Will be used in SonarQube:
          • In the footer
          • In the Update Center
        • Note that this is out of the scope of this MMF, but SonarLint will also have to be updated to display the full version name of SonarQube and the code analyzers in its UI

      Changes to be done

      Use cases #1 and #2 are normally correctly covered today. For use case #3, an evolution has to be done in SonarQube:

      • In the footer, I expect to see:

        Version 6.3 (build16353) - LGPL v3 - ....

      • In the Update Center, I expect to see:

        C / C++ / Objective-C Languages
        4.2 (build 1269) installed

        4.3 (build 6266)
        4.4 (build 8500)

      See the attached screenshots.


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