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Users can manage their organizations



    • Type: MMF
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      We consider that:

      • it is now possible to analyze a project part of an organization and that we see this information on the main services (MMF-667)
      • it is now possible to access the space of an organization where projects are listed and where some administration services are already available (MMF-669)

      Use case

      As a user, when clicking on my name on the top right corner, I expect to see 5 entries:

      • Profile
      • Organizations
      • Security
      • Notifications
      • Logout

      Note that:

      • we could keep only the 2 entries ("My Account" and "Logout"), but the purpose is to make Org more visible/accessible and not "hidden" in the "My Account" space
      • in OnPrem mode, "Organizations" is replaced by "Projects" with the content of the existing "My Account > Projects" tab

      When clicking on "Profile", I expect to:

      • not see any longer the "Groups" information - because groups now belong to orgs
        => Note that the global "Users" page must also be updated to remove this information (only when Cloud mode obviously)

      When clicking on "Organizations", I expect to:

      • see at least 1 organization on which I am Owner: this is the default organization that is created for each new user. The characteristics of that organization are:
        • key = user login
        • Name = user name
        • Description = "{user name}'s Personal Organization"
        • Avatar = gravatar of the user
        • URL = empty
        • Default Permission template: like any other org
        • Groups: "Owner" granted to the user
        • Organization "Global" permissions:
          • "Administer", "Execute Analysis" and "Create Projects" only granted to "Owner" group
        • the Organization cannot be deleted
        • the user cannot lock himself out of the "Admin Org" permission (check must be done on WS side - Web UI will be improved later)
      • see a button to create an org
      • lists orgs that I am admin of
      • gives links to the org (and its admin action?)

      => Note that it would be great to find a way for the user to more easily discover and quickly access his own personal organization.

      When clicking on "Notifications", I expect to:

      • see the organization name in front of the project name (when I have specified some specific behaviour for some given projects) [Must Have]
      • be able to search only for projects of the orgs I belong to (when I want to specify some specific behaviour for some given projects) [Nice to have - can be done at a later stage]
        • Decision to not go ahead with this item (handling notifications on a project would be better on the project space - which solves the problem of better identifying your projects)

      Please refer to the following document to get an idea of what is expected: https://xtranet.sonarsource.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=20519492

      Technical Details

      Most WS need to be written for that MMF I guess.

      For personal organizations:

      • We expect a migration on SonarQube.com to create personal organization for existing users
      • We expect to have a parameter to control wether or nor personal orgs are created upon user creation (for instance, this automatic creation will not be relevant in a corporate context)


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