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Organization have a dedicated space



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      We consider that it is now possible to analyze a project part of an organization and that we see this information on the main services (MMF-667). But organization names are not clickable yet.


      When clicking on the name of an org, as a user, I expect to land on a page that:

      • Is the home page of an Org
      • Looks like the home page of a project in terms of UX:
        • Home tab lists all the projects of that org - in the same way as the global "Projects" page
        • Administration menu (when I'm admin of the Org or ROOT) with some entries:
          • Edit Organization
            • The pattern is similar as what we have on a view
          • Deletion
            • When deleting an org, I expect projects of that Org to be deleted as well
          • Permissions
            • This is the existing "Global Permissions" page that literally moves at that level - with one specific point: the "Administer QG" and "Administer QP" permissions must be visible only on the default organization in this version of SQ (they will become visible later when we support custom QP and QG per org)
          • Groups
            • This is the existing global "Groups" page that must literally move at that level
            • => This means that the global "Groups" page must not exist in Cloud mode
          • Permission Templates
            • Same as for "Groups"
          • Project Management
            • Same as for "Groups"
        • Some information on the right side
          • Description of the org (like project description)
          • URL (like project Home page)
          • Avatar (e.g. logo of the company or the OSS project behind that Org)

      Please refer to the following document to get an idea of what is expected: https://xtranet.sonarsource.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=20519492

      Technical details

      Some WS were implemented/udpated in 6.2 to:

      • Manage an Org (/api/organizations/*)
        • BTW, does the "delete" WS also deletes projects in that Org? yes, see SONAR-8681
      • Manage groups of an Org (/api/user_groups/*)
      • Manage permission templates of an Org (/api/permissions/*)


      • These existing 6.2 WS might need to be reworked a bit based on UI needs
      • Some new WS might also need to be written
      • In the end, to simplify things, we don't need the "root" concept "OnPrem" so we need to manually enable organization feature (SONAR-8761)
        • This means that "OnPrem", root won't exist
        • "Cloud" mode will have it and it will be handled by WS only for the time being


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