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Analyse a project that is part of an organization




      Use case

      In Cloud mode, assuming that the organization FooOrg exists, as a user:

      1. I run the analysis on a new "BarProject" project with a new parameter "sonar.organization" set to "FooOrg"
        • If no parameter "sonar.organization" is set, then the project is created in the default organization and I expect to see "Default Organization / BarProject"
      2. Once the analysis is complete, I go the "Projects" page and I see "FooOrg / BarProject" without the ability to click on "FooOrg"
      3. I click on "BarProject", I end up on the project page where:
        • On the top left, I can see the name of the org (not clickable) in front of the project name
        • On the right side, I can see the key of the project along with the key of the organization

      There are other pages where I expect to see the org of a project:

      • The global "Issues" page
        • Should we display the org name in front of the project name in the "Issues" page of a project? => IMO no (useless repetition), and we should even remove the project name (that is currently displayed)
      • The global search
      • The global "Background Tasks" page - but not the project level one

      As a reminder: obviously, in OnPrem mode, I must not see anything related to the underlying default (and therefore hidden) organization.

      Technical details

      // complete here with the list of things discussed in MMF-582.

      issue index and project measure index reference group by their name, which is not unique since 6.2, and this should be fixed


      until Governance is updated to support organizations

      • views configuration being stored in a table which does not support organizations yet (INTERNAL_PROPERTIES ) there is only one config for the whole server
      • views will therefor be hardcoded to belong to the default organization: views refresh task and web services must be updated (list only projects of default organization, enforce permission on default organization, ...)
      • project dump feature must be updated to populate the new mandatory ORGANIZATION_UUID column from the column of the provisioned project

      Dev Cockpit

      Making a project part of an organization makes all types of components part of an organization. Therfor developer cockpit is not supported as developers are stored in table PROJECTS but do not functionally belong to a single organization


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