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      The current global search of SonarQube gets old and suffers from some limitations in terms of UX:

      • it does not allow to search beyond the 6 first results returned for each type of component (SONAR-5761)
      • Same for favorites (SONAR-7940)
      • It's not easy to understand the scope of each result
        • Ex.: to which project does this file belong to? it has the same name as the 2nd search result... (it's currently written in the tooltip)
      • When empty, it displays the recently browsed items and the favorites, but when searching the recently browsed items disappear
      • It allows to search for the main spaces ("Quality Profiles", ...) but there's not indication that it is possible (note: is that actually used by users? Should the search bar be a shortcut for navigation in general?)
      • It’s not clear what I can search from here
      • It does not support camel case (see MMF-660)
      • It does not provide fuzz matching to correct typos or suggest similar requests when there are no results (see MMF-660)
      • It does not make it obvious enough why some results are suggested to me (no highlighting of matching letters and results not sorted by level of relevancy)
      • On an empty search, the labels are misleading (it displays “no results”, instead of guiding the user with a simple label such as "Please start typing (minimum two letters) to search for projects, modules and files”)
      • It is not noticeable enough and there's no incentive to use it
        • Ex: The search icon is used alone, which is commonly accepted in mobile design because there’s less screen real-estate, but on larger screens it is lost in the crowd, it is visually not proeminent and therefore less noticeable. Also, it increases the cost of interaction, because the user has to click on the icon, then search for the input field to appear, then search for where to type…
        • Ex: The keyboard shortcut "S" is difficult to discover
        • Ex: The icon is highlighted in the same blue used for an active link in the black top bar. It’s misleading.
      • Not all components are displayed in the "recently browsed" section. I cannot find sub-projects i've been browsing recently, nor files. The name of this section should be more precise.
      • When adding a component to favorites, the component-type icon will disappear to only display the star icon. Thus, we don’t know which type of component is each favourite item (it might be a project, sub project, view…). Moreover, if we could still see the component type icons, we could not differentiate projects and sub-projects / views and sub-views because they use the same icon.
      • Results are sorted alphabetically which is not the most relevant display
        • Ex: I search for “Son” and “Hudson” comes first instead of results starting by "Son" (like "SonarQube")
      • When navigating the results with keyboard (up and down arrows), the list does not scroll with the keyboard focus as it disappears below the fold.

      Use Cases

      As a user I would like to:

      • Have a clear understanding of what I can do with this search bar
        • Ex: Better display and affordance in the black top bar so I’m incentivised to use it
        • Ex: Clear labels and placeholders
        • Ex: Smart suggestions/disclaimers for first-time usage (“Here you can search for components...”)
      • Be able to find easily every project, module and component
        • Ex: Be able to see more than just 6 items from each type of component
      • Use smart typing
        • Ex: Use camel case in my search requests (type “SQ” and get results containing “SonarQube”)
      • Understand exactly why some results are suggested to me
        • Ex: Results with the highest probability of relevancy should be displayed first (results from favourites, recently browsed or belonging to my projects)
        • Ex: highlight the letters that match the request
        • Ex: Better styling of the list items (good example: Intellij IDEA file search feature) to understand clearly to which project the suggested results belong, and which type of component it is

      Scope of this MMF

      Because of some constraints, some use case won't be covered by this MMF (like the camel case search or the fuzzy match). The scope will be restricted to:

      • Highlighting the typed characters in the results
      • Merge all the results together, including favourites and recently browsed items
      • Be able to see more results than just 6
      • Provide more visible information on the results - like the project (for the file) or the organisation (for a project) that an entries belongs to


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