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      The projects page now provides a good way to quickly see projects distribution and to focus on some of them based on a few important criteria.
      And, as a user who is working on several projects, I can add them to my favorites set so that I can follow them on a daily basis.
      But, regularly, I also want to quickly explore and check some other projects that relate to the topics I'm interested in. For that purpose, I want be able to assign tags on projects so that I can quickly use those "topics" as a filter in the "Projects" space.


      • As a developer, I've flagged as favorites the projects I'm contributing to. But I also want to periodically check the status of some other related projects without having to see them every day as part of my favorites.
      • As a technical manager / quality manager, I want to discover, see the topology and explore the main measures of different projects based on different "topics".

      It can be projects that relate to a common ecosystem or product, that are developed by a common department or team, in-house or with the help of a specific sub-contractor, or that are similar in type or function.


      Concretely, as a user:

      • I want to be able to create a new tag and to assign it to a project.
        Permission required: I have to be logged in and I must have the right to administer the project.
      • I want to be able to see the tags assigned to the projects and I want to be able to use tags as an additional filtering criteria in the Projects page.
        Permission required: I just need the right to see the corresponding projects.

      In project homepage
      I would like to:

      • Distinctly see the tags assigned to the project
        For example, tags could be displayed in the right banner, close to the project description.
      • List the other tags I can assign to the project
      • Assign new/existing tags

      In projects space
      I would like to:

      • View the tags assigned to the different projects in the same way I can see projects main measures and quality gate status
        The list of tags displayed on each project is limited to a few items.
      • See the distribution of projects by tags
        The most-used tags (10?) should be directly displayed with the number of associated projects. And it should be possible to quickly find the other tags and see the corresponding distribution.
      • Filter projects associated with one or multiple tags
        And when some tags are selected, best would be see again those tags on each project.

      A tag exists (i.e. is visible and can be used) only if it is assigned to at least one project.
      Tags are not specific to a user but are global so that a every user can list existing tags and can make use of any tag that was previously assigned to a project (even if the project is not visible).
      As for tags on issues and rules, the characters that can be used in projects tags are limited to a-z, 0-9, '+', '-', '#', '.'.

      Out of scope

      • Find projects by tags with the search bar
      • Assign/change tags on a project, in the same way I can mark it as favorite.
        No need of bulk change.

      Design solution

      Tags placement in the projects list

      Tags placement in the project's homepage

      Editing tags by clicking on the caret icon (Same behavior as the current editing tag UX for rules and issues)


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