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Enhance the "Projects" space with additional options


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      As a follow-up of MMF-263, which had a restricted scope, the Projects space should be enhanced with search, sorting, and additional filter criteria.


      If I want to add a specific project to my favorites set, the global search is inconvenient because it takes me out of the Projects context. For that reason, a project search component should be added to the page in the filters section. It should search by name and key.


      As a user, I need the ability to sort the project list so that I'm not forced to page through the whole thing to gather the results I'm interested in.

      • Independent of filtering, projects should be sortable by filter criteria, with a toggle-able direction.
      • By default, projects should be sorted alphabetically by name
      • When a metric is used for the primary sort, the project set should be sub-sorted by name.


      The following additional filtering criterion should be added:

      • Project languages (Java, JavaScript, PHP, ... )
        • This filter should offer all the languages with LoC in the instance.
        • The bar graph on the right of the filter should represent the count of projects with LoC of that language
        • Multiple languages should be selectable at once as OR criteria

      Out of scope

      • The possibility to switch to an "on New Code" mode, in order to filter and display leak period metrics instead of overall measures. (MMF-389)
      • Tags as an additional filtering criteria (MMF-595)
      • Other potential criteria offloaded to MMF-745

      Design solution

      Here is how the page should look when no filter is selected:

      And here is how it looks when a sorting filter is selected:


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