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"Issues" page should meet developer activity needs



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      Use case

      I am a developer, and I want to see what I've broken recently, and what my backlog is. Since I work on multiple projects, I need to see these things broken out by project, and I want the project with the most recent activity (I.e. the one I just commited on) at the top.

      Proposed solution

      Let's do the following updates on the "Issues" page:

      • In the same way as we now have a "My Favorites | All" toggle button on the "Projects" page - which helps to target the Project Manager/Tech Lead use case, add a "My Issues | All" toggle button
        • Under the hood, this is the existing "Me" facet that is currently merged with assignee
        • When "My Issues" is selected, the assignee facet should disappear or be disabled
        • "My Issues" should be selected by default when the user is authenticated and clicks on the top "Issues" link
      • On every "Issues" page (global but also project/view/dev-level to be consistent), issues are now sorted:
        • By date (most recent first)
        • And then by project, file and line (so that the "previous/next" actions still work correctly)
      • More generally:
        • the total number of issues must be more visible (currently too small on the top right corner counter)
        • it must be obvious that issues are sorted by date (most recent first)
      • We drop issue filters because they are no more used anywhere
        • Drop of the issue filter management page
        • Drop of the DB tables
        • Drop of the '/api/issue_filters' WS


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