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Introduce new "Organization" concept in SonarQube



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      SonarQube must have the built-in concept of "Organization".

      An organization has:

      • a UUID (generated)
        • the technical unique identifier of the organisation
      • a display name (mandatory)
        • it doesn't have to be unique
      • a (functional) key (mandatory)
        • this key is, by default, generated from the name, but can be specified by the user
        • it must be unique ignoring case and will be used in URLs
      • a description (optional)
      • a URL (optional)
      • an avatar URL (optional)
      • members
        • These are SQ users
        • They can belong to the organization either directly or as member of a group belonging to the organization


      Some members belong to a special group called "owners". They will be able to administer the organization.

      • this group is created automatically when an organization is created
      • this group can be deleted and be empty, it's only a convenience
      • this group has all permissions on the organization

      The user who creates an organization is automatically added to the group "Owners".

      Default organization:

      SonarQube has 1 (and only 1) default organization.
      It will be used later-on by WS to ensure backward compatibility when an "org" parameter is expected but not passed.

      When starting SQ from scratch or when moving to SQ 6.2+, we expect a default organization to be created:

      • key: default
      • name: "Default Organization"
      • members:
        • when starting from scratch: "admin" - who will be "owner"
        • when moving to SQ 6.2+: all the users who have the "Administer System" permission - and they will all be "owners"

      Available actions on organizations:

      • List all organizations
        • Does not require any specific permission
      • See all the details of an organization (including its members and their role)
        • Does not require any specific permission
      • Create an organization
        • Requires to be logged-in
        • The user who creates it is de-facto an owner of the org
        • We'll probably add a new global permission later on (granted to "sonar-users" by default on SQ.com for instance) to be able to create orgs
      • Edit the details or delete an org
        • Requires to be owner of the org or have the "Administer System" global permission
        • Obviously the default org cannot be deleted


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