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Adaptive "Welcome" widget for SonarQube.com


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      When a developers comes to SonarQube.com, he first see the welcome message which explains that he can connect for free to analyze his OSS projects. Great.

      The problem is that once he has logged in using his GitHub credential, the whole main page remains the same. He might not notice that he actually successfully logged in, and in any case he will probably not know what to do then. We should guide him in a simple way: just update the text of the "Welcome" widget when we detect that a user is logged in.


      We can easily implement this feature thanks to a "SonarQube.com" plugin that offers a new "Welcome to SonarQube" widget.


      Here is the expected behaviour "As a GitHub user".

      Anonymous user

      When I arrive for the first time on SonarQube.com, I expect to see a welcome message that is similar as the current one:

      As we are fully opening SQ.com, the exact text should be: (provided URL should be written as HTML links obviously)

      Want to add your own open source project here? Simply sign in with your GitHub account, generate a user token and run a SonarQube analysis from your CI tool. It's that simple!

      This service is available for Open Source projects only, free of charge and with fair use.

      To know more, please visit the following links:

      And feel free to follow the news(https://about.sonarqube.com/news/) to get the latest updates!

      Authenticated user with no project yet

      Once I have signed in on SonarQube.com, I expect this welcome message to guide me and highlight what I should do to quickly get started.

      The text should change to: (provided URL should be written as HTML links obviously)

      Welcome <user_name>!

      You're just a few steps from continuously analyzing the quality of your source code with help of SonarQube.com! All you have to do now is:

      Once a first analysis is successful, your project will be listed in "My Account > Projects" (https://sonarqube.com/account/projects).

      To know more, please visit the following links:

      Authenticated user with at least one project

      Once I have signed in on SonarQube.com and I have successfully analyzed at least one project, I don't expect to be guided on how to run an analysis but instead what I should focus on to efficiently manage the quality of my project.

      The text should change to: (provided URL should be written as HTML links obviously)

      Welcome <user_name>!

      You are currently managing X project(s) (https://sonarqube.com/account/projects), congratulations!

      Here is what you might want to do to take the most out of SonarQube.com for your project(s):


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