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[As a Developer] Default landing page: "My Activity" tab in "My Account"


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      As a developer, I expect my SonarQube landing page to by default show me "My Activity" and leak.


      • Summary of activity over last n days, where n is the global leak period if not that's not set to last_analysis, and 14 days if it is; with aggregate counts of:
        • issues to review
        • issues to fix
        • closed issues that were assigned to me
      • List most recent unique activities (10 displayed by default, with 'more' link) such as:
        • an issue was assigned to me manually
        • several issues were assigned to me during analysis of a project
        • an issue was closed that was assigned to me
        • I was mentioned in a issue (any issue) - may not make it in version 1
        • a comment on an issue that is assigned to me - may not make it in version 1

      List items should be combined on an analysis basis, so that if an analysis adds 5 new issues assigned to me, there are not 5 individual items in the list. There might be 1 item for all 5 issues, or up to 3 items to list them by type. TBD.

      Issues Backlog (only issues assigned to me)

      • total number of issues to review
      • total number of issues to fix,
      • total issues assigned to me (reviewed or not) segregated by type and severity
      • number of My issues in each project's leak period, for the first 15 (~) projects (chosen by "my" open issue volume)
        • for each project, number of issues by type (technical feasibility must be validated with Atlas)


      These sections disappear if I have no favorites.

      Favorite Projects

      This section overlaps with MMF-389 and may move to it when that page is developed.

      • Quality Gate
      • Some metrics on the projects (ex: coverage) - may not make it in version 1

      Favorite Issue Filters

      First n (5?) favorite issue filters, ordered by...?

      What's not included

      • Groups and SCM Accounts


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