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Replace access to CE logs in UI by direct access to the error and the scanner context + normalize CE logs in sonar.log



    • Type: MMF
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      It should not be anymore possible from the SonarQube UI to access to the latest computation logs. Indeed, by definition logs should be used only by the Ops teams in charge to operate the service.

      As an end user:
      When the computation of a report fails, I want to know why.
      Indeed, the computation might fail for some functional reasons (example: a view contains some duplicated projects) and in such case the ability to quickly access to a meaningful error message is a must-have. So, the error message (and the stacktrace when the error is technical) should be accessible from the UI.

      In addition, the scanner context currently dumped into the CE logs should now be accessible directly from the UI and not dumped at all in logs.

      As an ops or support guy:
      I want with the CE logs to know what and when the CE is processing and when an error occurs.

      To do so:

      • CE must now log in sonar.log
      • CE should log the end of each task at INFO level
      • other CE messages should now be logged at DEBUG level in order to not pollute sonar.log
      • any log from a CE task must include the UUID of the task so that all logs of a given task can easily be greped or search for in tools such as LogStash
        the UUID of the task must be made accessible in the UI to allow user to provide the information to the support


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