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Better management [UX] of project permissions


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      Managing project permissions in SonarQube is tedious for several reasons:

      • Some information is missing at first sight
      • Some information is irrelevant in some context
      • The UX is not optimised to be really efficient

      #1 - Increase visibility of information

      As a project or SQ administrator, I don't want to be forced to click somewhere to see which user or which group has this or that permission.

      Currently, only the "Global Permissions" page does not suffer from this limitation. For the "Project Permissions" / "Permission Templates" / project "Permissions" pages, I only see the count of users or groups for each permissions, and I have to click on the icon to know which they are.

      I would like to:

      • see the first X users or groups associated to a permission
      • on project permissions, see if users or groups have been granted the "Execute Analysis" global permission (see but not be able to remove them of course)

      #2 - Remove irrelevant information

      As a project or SQ administrator, I don't want to be bothered by permissions that is not relevant in the given context:

      • On a view "Permissions" page, I don't want to see the "SEE SOURCE CODE", "ADMINISTER ISSUES" and "EXECUTE ANALYSIS" permissions as they have to effect
      • Same for developers

      Note that the "Project Permissions" and "Permission Templates" should be updated accordingly.

      #3 - Offer a better UX to manage permissions

      As a project or SQ administrator, when I want to add a user or group to some permissions on a project, I don't want to have to open as many modal windows as permissions that I want to grant. Same when I want to update some permissions. I expect to:

      • be able to add a user/group to a set of permissions in the same window
      • update the permissions of an existing user/group in the same window
        • and have a quick action to either add or remove all permissions on a user/group at once
      • be able to search for a user or a group in the same window

      Note that these expectations apply to "Project Permissions" and "Permission Templates" pages too.


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