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Make the "Leak Period" section in the project homepage fully actionable



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      In project homepage, in the "Leak Period" area, we are displaying not so useful differential values in "Duplications" and "Size" sections.

      "Size" provides quantitative but non-qualitative indicators. The main part of project homepage should focus on displaying issues and "Size" should not be displayed there.
      Size metrics can be displayed in the right section of the page, including:

      • Total number of LoC
        As with current behavior, click on the value should drilldown into LoC measures, providing the number of LoC per file in List, Tree and History
      • Drilldown per language (not clickable)

      Suggestion: Size indicators.png

      "Duplications" (as for "Coverage") reveals real code smells and should stay in the main part of project homepage.
      Instead of the current differential value, the leak period area should present Duplications %age on new LoC.
      No need to add the number of Duplicated lines on new code there.
      Click on the %age should drilldown into new duplications measures, providing in List, Tree and Treemap:

      • Duplications lines %age on new code
      • Number of Duplicated lines on new code
        Those numbers include new duplicated lines as well as lines that were already duplicated but that have been updated.

      As for Coverage, in the "Leak Period" area, the number of new lines will provide an indication about the extent of the duplications.
      Click on the number of lines should drilldown into new duplicated lines measures, providing in List and Tree:

      • Number of Duplicated lines on new code
        (Again, those numbers include lines that were already duplicated but that have been updated.)

      For Coverage, "New Lines of Code" should be renamed "New Lines to Cover" to avoid confusion.
      Suggestion: Duplications.png Coverage.png

      In project measures, corresponding metrics should then be added:


      • on the left: Duplicated lines %age on new code (cf. Coverage)
        Here also, the use of "on New Code" for Coverage is confusing and should be improved.
      • on the right:
        • Duplicated blocks on new code
        • Duplicated lines on new code
          (Again, those numbers include lines that that were already duplicated but that have been updated.)


      • on the right:
        • Lines on new code (including all the new lines, which is different from the number of real lines of code)


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