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Stop relying on RoR Active Record to handle the DB migrations


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      Part of MMF-286, it's a must-have to stop relying on RoR Active Record (to handle the DB migrations) in SQ 6.0 version. Indeed, upgrading to a LTS version is already a pre-requisite before upgrading to some above versions. So for instance, if you have a 5.0 version, it's a pre-requisite to upgrade to 5.6 LTS before upgrading to 6.2 for instance.

      As a consequence, if we introduce this new DB migration framework in 6.0 version we won't have to backport any previous migrations that were handled with RoR Active Record.

      • support the existing table SCHEMA_MIGRATIONS
      • do not allow unsupported operations like column default values or overriding of VARCHAR charset
      • do not allow to create custom DDL. Only operations supported by Java API are allowed.
      • enforce reentrancy of each migration step as much as possible
      Nice to have
      • parallel execution of ALTER commands
      • auto-compacting of db migrations. For instance migrations 1-create-column-A and 2-delete-column-A should cancel themselves.
      • generation of DDL for fresh installations


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