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Help users make sure their QP is not outdated


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      Users don't necessarily upgrade SonarQube too often, but usually they do update plugins regularly. While they install more and more recent versions of the language plugins, they often forget to review their quality profile and therefore miss all the benefits of doing those updates:

      • they don't activate new rules that bring more and more value
      • they don't deactivate "old" rules (or rules from other plugins) that are deprecated and replaced by some of those new rules

      With time, those users end up having outdated quality profiles that don't reflect the true power of what our language analysers can offer.

      How SonarQube should help to remain up-to-date with the latest evolutions brought by language plugins

      #1 - On the home page of "Quality Profiles" space

      This home page is currently empty. As a QP admin, I expect SQ to show me useful information about actions that I should take on my QP:

      • How many deprecated rules are still activated on how many QP?

        4 deprecated rules are still activated on 2 quality profiles:

        • QP1
        • QP2
      • Which (non-built-in) profiles haven't been updated for a long time?

        The following QP haven't been updated for more than 1 year, maybe it's time to review them?

        • QP1 updated on Jan. 15th, 2015 [link to the QP]
        • QP2 updated on Mar. 26th, 2015 [link to the QP]
        • QP3 updated on April. 1st, 2015 [link to the QP]
      • What are the newest rules that I should take a look at?

        Latest new rules:

        • R1 added on Apr. 15th, 2016 [link to the rule], already activated on X QP
        • R2 added on Apr. 15th, 2016 [link to the rule], not activated
        • R3 added on Feb. 9th, 2016 [link to the rule], not activated

      #2 - On the page of a QP

      Currently, on the page of a QP, the header does not give much information. As a QP admin, I expect SQ to show me more useful information about the status of this QP:

      • On the breakdown by issue type, I want to know if there are lots of or only few rules not activated - this can encourage me to review the QP

        163 active rules
        23 Bug (out of 25 available)
        3 Vulnerability (out of 37 available)
        137 Code Smell (out of 145 available)

      • How many rules are deprecated?

        4 deprecated rules should be reviewed [link to the Rules page]

      • When was this QP lastly manually updated? And how many new rules were added since then?

        Last manual update on Feb. 6th, 2014. 45 new rules have been created since then and could be activated. [link to the Rules page]

      • When was this QP used for the last time on an analysis? If it's never used, maybe I can delete it.

        Last used by Project Foo on Apr. 27th, 2016.


        Never used on any project.

      #3 - On the home page of a project

      As a developer / tech lead, it's not easy to know if the QPs used on my projects are not outdated. So I would expect SQ to make it clearly visible on the home page of my project so that I can contact QP admins to ask them to do something.

      Basically, a simple warning icon close to the QP names (on the right side of the home page) with a correct tooltip would perfectly do the trick:

      Warning: this QP uses 7 deprecated rules and should be updated.


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