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Help Java developers writing regexp running fast, with the correct amount of resources and really doing what developers intended


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      As a developer, I know that regular expressions are powerful and can help to solve tricky problems elegantly. I also know that writing regular expressions is an art in itself and it's easy to fall into traps. It takes years to become a regular expressions master.
      As a developer, I need rules to help me write regular expressions that really do what I expect them to do. I also want to avoid to have my software looping for ever or taking ages to run because I did a mistake in regular expressions.


      SonarQube 8.5 introduced a set of rules to help developers write efficient, error-free and safe regular expressions (MMF-2059).
      The goal of this MMF is to go a step further and provide rules dedicated to:

      • regexp that perform slowly
      • regexp that but the machine on his knees
      • regexp that are simply buggy because by definition they can't match anything

      We expect to deliver these new rules:

      • SONARJAVA-3554 Rule S5998: Regular expressions should not overflow the stack
      • SONARJAVA-3552 Rule S5996: Regex boundaries should not be used in a way that can never match
      • SONARJAVA-3550 Rule S5994: Regex patterns following a possessive quantifier should not always fail
      • SONARJAVA-3557 Rule S6001: Back references in regular expressions should only refer to capturing groups that are matched before the reference
      • SONARJAVA-3560 Rule S6002: Regex lookahead assertions should not be contradictory


      We will develop:

      • a new model by adding automaton states to our existing regular expression AST
      • a common search methods in states graph, like finding the shortest path or the intersection

      All the research about how to implement the automaton has already been done and exhaustively described in:

      • SONARJAVA-3549 Add support for automata-based analyses for regular expressions

      Common helper methods have also been described in:

      • SONARJAVA-3551 Implement helper to find shortest path in regex automata
      • SONARJAVA-3564 Implement intersects and supersetOf helper for regex automata


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