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Onboarding for Azure DevOps Server projects



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      To provide tight integration between SQ and Azure DevOps and in the scope of providing minimal steps to have first branch and PR analysis, developer should be able to create SQ project hosted on Azure DevOps Server Repos when they integrate quality in their development pipeline, and have everything configured on SQ side to decorate the project's PR. As we want to do a first baby step, we choose to focus only on Azure DevOps Server at the moment. Azure DevOps Services will be addressed in a next step (MMF-2132). 


      Use cases

      As a SonarQube instance admin using AzDo Server for my SonarQube projects, I am able to configure the connection with AzDO Server.

      As a SonarQube instance admin I expect to be guided to properly configure my ADo connection. 

      As as SonarQube instance admin, having already an Azure Devops integration configured, I expect to see a warning telling me that my config is incomplete for project onboarding. 

      As a SonarQube project admin:

      • I want to be able to select, from the default collection of my AzDo Server, the repository I want to be analysed.
      • I expect to be able to distinguish two repositories with the same name but from different projects. I expect that the onboarded project is automatically configured for PR decoration.
      • I expect to be able to identify repositories that were already imported. I expect to have a link to a the SonarQube project associated to this repo.
      • I expect to be able to search repositories by name within a collections.
        As far as we know, Azure DevOps Server supports multiple Collections, each collection being an autonomous group of projects with their own process rules, security rules and infrastructure ("logical and physical resources"). Because we think multiple collections is not a common use case for most of our users, we decide, as a first baby step, to focus only on the "default collection". The user will be able to access all his accessible projects within this default collection.

      We expect a compatibility with TFS 2017 update 2.


      The how of this MMF is defined in the list of tickets.

      Task flow and mockups


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