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Guide Administrators to configure their PR analysis through Jenkins after GitHub Enterprise onboarding




      Why ?

      Currently, project administrator are not guided to set up their branch & PR analysis via Jenkins. Jenkins is one of the most used CI, and we should provide a good guidance to project administrators so that they can easily integrate quality in their dev pipeline. 

      We already provide a tutorial to help users to analyse with Jenkins and Bitbucket Server with MMF-1864 and we need to provide the same guidance for GHE.

      What ?

      Use Cases

      As a project administrator, after I created my project, I am guided to set up the analysis of my project:

      • Manually: from my local machine or from an external CI.
      • With Jenkins CI:
        • I do not have an existing pipeline
        • I have an existing pipeline: I can see from the tutorial what is recommended so that I can adapt my pipeline

      As a project administrator who wants to analyse with Jenkins:

      • I want to know what are the steps to be guided to set up my quality analysis for master, branches and PR directly in the product:
        • I have a checklist to ensure that I have the correct setup
        • I can follow the different steps to set up my analysis¬†
        • Thanks to the auto-detection, I won't have to provide any specific parameters (MMF-1676)
        • I can copy/paste the scripts when needed
        • Understand that after an analysis launched on Jenkins, the results of the analysis will appear on SQ

      Link to the mockups

      How ?

      The mockups provide the base solution.

      Important changes

      Step 2 ("Create a GitHub webhook")

      The first part (the information to fill in) is replaced with the following:

      • Payload URL: Enter your Jenkins instance URL + add the following path: /github-webhook/
      • Content type: Leave it to application/x-www-form-urlencoded
      • Secret: Not mandatory [TODO: do we recommend the use of a secret? If so, requires the extra step of configuring it Jenkins-side?]

      The second part (events) is replaced with the following:
      Under "Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?", select "Let me select individual events."
      Then check the following events:

      • Pushes
      • Pull Requests


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