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Summary of analysis should be visible in the GitHub conversation tab



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      With just information provided only through the GitHub Checks, users gave the following feedback:

      • They might miss the fact that an analysis has run because the check status is not very visible on the main "conversation" tab - especially when the QG is green
      • When the QG is green, for devs who want to do the extra mile and fix code smells that could be accepted as debt, they will not see that there is something they can do until they move to the Checks tab
      • When the QG is failed, it takes 1 click to go the Checks tab to see the details whereas some users who like to see this directly in the conversation tab

      We understand those needs and want to find a solution to answer them without bringing back all the drawbacks of solutions we implemented in the past (mainly: pollution of the conversation tab).


      Use Cases

      As a dev who opens a PR for my feature branch:

      • I expect to see, in the conversation tab, a summary of the analysis of my code appears at the end of the conversation
        • This implies that if I do several pushes, newest analysis replaces the previous comment with a new one at the end
        • In other words, this comment is recreated (to appear at the end of the thread) every time there is an analysis
      • When I update an issue on SonarQube side, the comment is updated but not recreated
      • This comment could say something like this:
        • When QG is passed

          Kudos, SonarQube Quality Gate passed!

          0 bugs | 0 vulnerability | 2 Code Smell | 83,4% Coverage | 0,2 % Duplications (<- with links)
          3 Security Hotspots to review (<- with link)

        • When QG is failed

          SonarQube Quality Gate failed.[link to the "SonarQube" PR page]

          1 bugs | 0 vulnerability | 2 Code Smell | 13,4% Coverage | 0,2 % Duplications (<- with links)
          3 Security Hotspots to review (<- with link)

      The feature should be activated by default.

      Still, from the feedback we had on SonarCloud where the feature has been implemented, related GitHub notifications can be perceived as noise by users. We should allow SQ administrators to disable the feature at project level.

      In Project Settings / General Settings / Pull Request Decoration, we should add a new setting for GitHub only:

      • title: Disable summary comment
      • description: "Disable the summary comment in the Conversation tab"
      • default value: off (do not disable)


      The feature has already be implemented for SonarCloud. We'll benefit from what was done.


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