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Help users focus on the New Code in the project overview



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      Currently, the project's homepage displays 2 different perspectives:

      • On one side, overall measures, to display code quality information on the entire project
      • On the other side, the New Code period, to show the quality of what's currently under development

      We strongly believe in the "clean as you code" methodology and we think developers should focus on the New Code. But, currently, the overall information takes most of the overview and it looks like it is the most important information developers should take into account.

      Until MMF-1786, we had a specific behavior for short-lived branches to help users focus on the issues they are introducing in their branch.
      The concept of branches in SonarQube is now highly simplified and all branches will be displayed in the same way across all SonarQube pages.

      Whatever the branch, we would then expect the project overview to help users focus on the New Code Period.


      To help users focus on the New Code Period, SonarQube project's overview should then give a clear priority to issues and code quality measures on New Code in the UI.

      When a New Code period has started, we'll give precedence to the New Code period over the overall information.
 However, the overall info remains useful to follow what happens in the branch, to fix critical/blocker bugs or vulnerabilities in the existing code, to review some hotspots.

      Users should have the possibility, at any point in time, to see overall info for the branches they are interested in. Ideally, the info should always be available.

      Design Solution

      Project Overview must highlight metrics on New Code
      Since applications have the same overview as projects, the same design will also apply to applications.

      Link to all mockups: https://invis.io/XVUH0WYFB9C


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