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Developer should be able activate rules in SonarLint for VSCode


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      With MMF-1277, a developer who is using SonarLint in standalone mode should be able to deactivate rules that are not relevant for his case.
      Still, by default, only a limited part of the existing rules applies. Those rules are basically the ones that belong to the built-in SonarWay Quality Profiles in SonarQube.
      A developer who is working in standalone mode

      • doesn't have a simple way to know which rules are really used
      • can't benefit from the rules which are not activated by default

      When working in standalone mode, a developer should be able to list the available rules and to activate the ones he is interested in.


      As a developer who is not working with the connected mode, I expect to be able to configure my own list of rules that are activated.

      1. The format implemented with MMF-1277 will be extended to allow enabling rules which are by default disabled when SonarLint is installed.
      In settings, "Rules Configuration" entry should allow to list and edit the rules which are manually activated.


      Rules Configuration
      List of rules which are explicitly disabled or enabled.
      "sonarlint.rules": {
           "javascript:S3504": {
               "level": "off"
           "javascript:S3757": {
               "level": "on"


      2. SonarLint should provide an option to list all the available rules with, for each of them:

      • the title
      • default type and severity
      • default status (on/off)
      • a link to open the rule description, inside vscode or in rules.sonarsource.com


      • The sonarlint.rules settings contribution is updated to support the on value
      • The language server parses rule keys set to on and passes them down to the standalone engine
      • A new custom command of the language server allows to list available rules by language
      • This list is shown to the user TBD: tree view / web view / other UI, trigger?


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