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Support GitLab CI for branch analysis


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      In order to integrate at best with GitLab, we want to allow GitLab users to trigger analysis of their projects from GitLab CI.


      Use Cases

      As a developer, I want to configure GitLab CI to analyze my repository. I expect to follow a tutorial (potentially with sample projects) to guide on what to do:

      1. I generate a user token which will be used to trigger the scan
      2. I make this token available as a SONAR_TOKEN env variable available for my pipeline
      3. I make the SONAR_HOST_URL available forĀ  my repos, with the value that points to SonarCloud
      4. Depending on which build technology I use, I copy-paste a command (available from the tutorial) into my GitLab CI file
        • For Maven, it should be as simple as mvn clean verify sonar:sonar
        • For Gradle: ./gradlew.sh sonarqube
        • For other type of projects: sonar-scanner
          • I expect the doc to tell me that I need to also push a sonar-project.properties file in this case
      5. Once I push this change, I expect a first analysis to be triggered and soon after to have the first results visible in SonarCloud
      6. Whenever I create a new branch which contains this updated GitLab CI file, I expect the branch to be automatically analyzed and to appear in SonarCloud
        • Analysis will not fail when Quality Gate is red, this will come in next iteration
      7. Whenever I create a Merge Request (MR for later use) on a given branch, I expect this MR to appear in SonarCloud once analysis is done
        • Note 1: I expect to see "Merge Request" in the SonarCloud UI instead of "Pull Request"
        • Note 2: in this MMF, we won't go to the "decoration" stage of PR/MR (will be done in MMF-1754). I.e. users won't see anything in GitLab UI in this iteration.


      See what was done on MMF-1789.


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