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      SonarCloud currently integrates very well with GitHub, Azure DevOps and Bitbucket Cloud. Let's provide a first minimal integration with GitLab, going as far as we can without compromising our value proposition.

      We hope to get help and support from GitLab on that journey, especially when it comes to making sure that the overall user experience will be good for our users and customers.

      Note that this Epic is about SonarCloud only. For SonarQube, check MMF-1787.


      For sure we can do the following first steps:

      1. MMF-1751 - Authenticating with
      2. MMF-1752 - Project onboarding
      3. MMF-1753 - Triggering analyses with GitLab CI

      Once we get there and we start getting feedback on the integration, we can think about going further on the following points for which we already know there will be friction:

      1. MMF-1755 Add a way to fail an automated delivery/deployment pipeline if the quality gate is not green
        • SonarCloud processing is asynchronous by nature - which does not fit into the synchronous requirement of GitLab CI
      2. MMF-1754 Support annotation of merge requests with GitLab CI
        • Friction points are:
          • SonarCloud processing is asynchronous by nature - which does not fit into the synchronous requirement of merge request pipelines
          • There is currently no way to provide outgoing links so that users know where to look at if they need to go deeper in the details to understand the issues found by SonarCloud
        • More generally speaking, we'll need to talk with GitLab to make sure we can deliver a good user experience for our users
          • For instance, to let team prevent the merge if the quality gate of the pull request is not green


      • We want that GitLab users start using SonarCloud in the "target" mode - i.e. by selecting their repositories and not manually creating projects or orgs. This implies that we should discuss a strategy to be able to deliver the 3 first MMF incrementally while not having people going the manual way or being lost about what to do on their CI to make things work.




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