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Bitbucket Cloud repos can be analyzed with Azure Pipelines


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      The SonarCloud extension has built-in support to run analyses on Azure DevOps repositories and GitHub repositories too, with the ability to annotate PRs accordingly.

      Quite recently, it became to possible to also define Azure pipelines on Bitbucket Cloud repositories. This makes a lot of sense for teams who are on Bitbucket Cloud but who have some .NET projects, simply because the support for .NET world is excellent on Azure Pipelines.

      We should support those repos out of the box too, with PR analysis.


      As a team using BbC and doing some .NET development, I expect to be able to use Azure Pipelines (and not Bitbucket Pipelines) to build and analyze my repositories and still have my PR annotated in BbC.

      We put one requirement on this feature: that the project to be analyzed is bound to its repository.

      The output of this MMF is:

      • the feature which unlocks the ability to analyze BbC repositories
      • an updated documentation which reflects this new ability
      • a sample project which showcase this feature and allows us to make sure this is working correctly
      • [NICE] an updated new project empty page to let BbC users know about this new ability
        • A bit like what was done for GitHub users


      In terms of development:

      • this is similar to what we've done for GitHub repos analyzed with Azure Pipelines
      • we just need to check somehow that the project to be analyzed is bound to its repository so that PR decoration can be done.
        • in case it's not, we should let the user know


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