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Provide a Docker image for SonarQube Developer and Enterprise editions



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      We've started providing and supporting a "basic" docker image as a way:

      • for everyone to install and test SonarQube Community Edition
      • for customers to build their own image of the SonarQube commercial edition they use

      More and more, users are interested in having docker images for SonarQube commercial editions, not only to test these editions but also to run SonarQube images in production with a container orchestration system such as Kubernetes.

      Users should be able to keep using docker when upgrading from a community edition to a commercial edition.
      We want to provide basic official images they can rely on. And, as a first step, we want to release and maintain docker images for the Developer and Enterprise Editions.

      Depending on how confident we are, we could start providing those images in “preview”.


      • We want to have a good documentation:
        • The documentation should describe the way we recommend to run the image in a production environment
        • More specifically, we should recommend using volumes
      • We want to have a proper way to support it
        • The info that SQ is run in docker should appear in
          • the system and support info files
          • telemetry
        • Ideally, we should know if the official docker image is used
      • We want feel save with the first use cases we'll support
        • We want to kind of cover the two ends of the spectrum: 
          • Speed test case
            • ephemeral SQ started with a single docker command running on H2
            • documenting running on other DB is a nice to have
          • Enterprise grade (excluding orchestrators) deployment and operation
            • all SQ directories mounted in Docker Volumes
            • document 1st install, version upgrade, edition upgrade and SQ restart
        • To feel confident, we will test these cases and ideally have automated tests


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