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      The Portfolio PDF reports are intended to provide busy executives with an overview of the status of their software portfolios. We know that some people receive them via email on their smartphones because we've had requests to copy the content into the body of the email so users don't have to download & open (& scroll) the PDFs on their phones. We also assume that some people consume the PDF reports on their desktops. The main use case that's generally discussed is the ability to print the PDF and pass it out at meetings. Finally, there is an indication that these PDFs are embedded in PowerPoint presentations, so they need to fit nicely there.

      The PDF reports were introduced in their current form with the release of 5.6. Since their introduction, we've collected feedback and enhancement requests, and it's time to make another pass to add a bit of polish and provide more information to give a better understanding of first the current portfolio state, and some history for context.

      The information we'd like to concisely convey:

      • Current rating in all 4 categories
      • Breakdown of project status (count of projects in A, B, C...) in each category
      • Rating evolution (limited to the last 12 months) versus count of projects in the portfolio

      This last point deserves some expansion. The idea here is that a tanking rating could be caused by problems in the projects, or it could be caused by the addition of new projects to the portfolio dragging down the average. So the "versus" is intended to give context to the rating history.


      Improve the email itself:

      • SONAR-10725 - Add text summary to Portfolio email body

      Make the PDF more beautiful/usable:

      • SONAR-10730 - Generate PDF from an existing template
      • SONAR-10732 - Add default activity graphs to PDF report
      • SONAR-10759 - Content of the PDF should be more self-sufficient
      • Report that Turkish characters aren't properly handled in the PDF

      Tweak the sending behavior

      • SONAR-10769 - Emailed report has A's for empty portfolio
      • SONAR-10771 - Sub-views should inherit their parents' email frequencies


      Portfolio PDF 3.pdf

      Here is the technical specification > https://xd.adobe.com/spec/d10e41e6-4450-4f68-5c72-cceec98d199a-a73f/

      And the template


      Note that coordinates in PDF are starting from bottom-left corner of the page, and AFAIK text position is the start of the imaginary line where you would write the text (mean that some letters have their "leg" below). It make it very tedious to find the coordinate, and also to do any kind of center/right alignment. So if some day we decide to change the PDF template, remember that all coordinates I'm currently hardcoding after trial and errors will have to be redefined.


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          first ideation.png
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        2. PDF Report – A4.pdf
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        3. PDF Report – A4.png
          PDF Report – A4.png
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        4. PDF Report – A4 – Custom.pdf
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        5. Portfolio PDF 3.pdf
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        6. Portfolio PDF v3.pdf
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        7. project breakdown by metric update.png
          project breakdown by metric update.png
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        8. SonarSource - Executive Report.pdf
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        9. template.pdf
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        10. template v3.pdf
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        11. template v3-2.pdf
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        12. template v3-3.pdf
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