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Move Applications to the Projects page and add tags to Applications



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      Applications are synthetic projects, and should (and basically do) act like projects in all respects possible. So then why are they on the Portfolios page, instead of being on the Projects page with the other projects? Presenting them as aggregations (on the Portfolios page) instead of as projects (on the Projects page) misplaces the emphasis. Further, Portfolios and the Portfolios page are targeted to managers and executives, while Applications are targeted to devs and tech leads, so we should put Applications where devs and tech leads are used to looking for Projects, rather than making them venture onto the Portfolios page.

      Specification team: Jay, Mathieu, Jacek



      The Projects page has 2 main purposes:

      • Explore the list of projects, i.e.
        • see the distribution of projects according to SonarQube important measures
        • define filtering criteria and see measures which correspond to those criteria in order for users to identify sub-sets of projects they need to focus on
      • Quickly see the big picture of the projects a user care about.

      Use cases

      All these use-cases are for EE+ only, and nothing should change for DE & CE.

      As a developer (or technical lead):

      • I want to access applications the same way I access projects
      • I want to see the same information on applications than on projects
      • I want to be able to filter applications over the same metrics and criteria as projects
      • I want to be able to identify problematic applications the same way I do projects (through charts)
      • I want to be able to mark as favorite an application the same way I do for projects so that I see them in "My Favorites"
      • I want to be able to distinguish them
      • I want to be able to filter out applications or projects.

      As a manager:

      • I don't care about applications, they should not be confused with portfolios

        Applications' measures being computed by the CE, they may not be instantly updated with its projects, so there might be a temporary discrepancy between an application and its projects. This is an acceptable limitation.


      • Moving applications' administration away from portfolios'


      • Applications will move out from the portfolios page.
      • Applications will be added to the projects page:
      • All facets will apply to applications.
      • Applications will be visible in all the views, including charts.
      • There will be a visual indicator to distinguish applications from projects. In chart, if we can't find a different way to represent applications, the information will at least be displayed in tooltips.
      • A new facet will allow to filter by type (apps/projects). It should always be visible, and its options too (similar to the QG facet).

      As an idea of what it will look like:


      We'll add the ability to add tags to applications and to filter applications by tags.


      Show apps on project list

      • Save applications metrics in project measure es index in order to allow using same facets as for projects.
      • Update existing `api/components/search_projects` WS, to return apps in response

      Support filtering by apps/projects on project list

      • Add new document field named qualifier, to allow distinguish between app and project. Support filter for that field on facets page.

      Support tags on applications

      • Add new WS to support adding tags for applications `api/applications/set_tags`, `api/applications/search_tags`


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