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Allow non-global admin users to create Portfolios and Applications



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      Currently, you must be a global admin to create Portfolios and Applications, even if you have no interest in the contents and every intention of immediately delegating their administration. In large organizations this has proven particularly burdensome because the global administrators are plenty busy, and at the same time they cannot delegate the creation task without giving away too many other rights.

      Sponsor: Cameron
      Brainstorm team: JulienL, Stas, Laura


      We'll add two new permissions below the level of global admin: Create Portfolios, and Create Applications.

      Since users with this new permission will not have access to the global admin's Portfolio administration interface, we must provide the creation interface somewhere else. We'll borrow the '+' mechanism from SonarCloud's header and give the user the appropriate menu of create options: Project, Portfolio, Application according to her permissions. If the user has no creation rights, she won't see the '+' at all.

      In global permissions administration we'll need to accommodate two extra columns. Since the page is already "full" width-wise, this will require reworking the page. At the same time, we'll make some effort to address existing usability problems, although that's not the primary thrust of this initiative.

      "Project Creator" rights in permission templates should apply to Applications and Portfolios too. This right will be renamed in the UI to just "Creator" and the description updated appropriately.

      Creator rights will(/can) be used to grant the creator of an Application or Portfolio administer rights on it. Currently default permission templates can be set for Projects and for Portfolios. The Portfolios default is currently applied for Applications as well. As part of this initiative, we'll separate out Applications and add the ability to set a default Applications template as well.


      Current design solution

      The Global Permissions page will now allow admin to grant Create Portfolio and Create Application rights to any user. The layout must be changed to nicely display those additional permissions.

      We'll need a few new tooltips for this design:

      • Administer: Ability to perform any action within a specific domain.
      • Create: Ability to initialize for further configuration a specific type of resource.

      Users having rights to create Portfolios and/or Applications and/or Projects will see a "+" icon in the UI top bar just like in SonarCloud. For a user having all three permissions this will look like this:

      Once the "Create Application/Portfolio" item has been clicked, the user sees the same popup as in the Global Admin > Portfolio section. Note: if the user only have rights to create one type or the other, she won't see the two radio buttons on top of the popup. The dropdown under the "+" will only say "Create Portfolio" or "Create Application" and the title header of the popup must be updated accordingly.

      Once the popup form is completed and the user has clicked on the "Create" button, he's redirected to the newly created Portfolio/Application's Administration > Edit Definition. From here he can configure his Portfolio/Application.


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