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Issues page list-style search facets should be more usable



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      The move to the current issues page was a leap forward in terms of UX. And yet, small inconsistencies between the different list-style facets on the page and frustrations with the way those facets work mean users don't fully appreciate the page's full power. For instance, people have been asking since we left the original drilldown design for the full list of violated rules in a project, and the full list of files with issues.

      Brainstorm team: Stas, Laura, Pascal, JulienL, Simon


      We'll re-work list-style search facets to address as many of the reported frustrations and inconsistencies as possible. We'll:

      • standardize presentation, with search inputs for all lists
      • standardize the minimum number of characters required before a search is run
      • address the truncation of list values
      • increase the number of values available in facets to 100 so users can see, for instance, as many of the violated rules in a project as possible (it's not technically feasible to show all values with non-0 issue counts)
      • add an issue-count on mouseover to items in the search dropdown, so that users have the chance to know beforehand that they're selecting a 0-issue value (it's not technically feasible automatically add issue counts to all search result items)


      Opening a facet will only show the top 15 items. On the bottom, users can see there's only 15 shown and they can load more. The search bar is now on top of the facet so it can still be easy to access it when the long list of items is expanded.

      When users hit "Show more", a list of 100 items maximum is displayed. The bottom link now allows to collapse it back. If there are more items, a warning message explains that a different set of filters must be tried to find them.

      If there are less than 100 items to show, we will simply be the total number and collapse link.

      Once an item is selected, the keyboard hint is displayed at the top of the facet. We cannot show it in a tooltip anymore because we now use tooltips to display names that have possibly been truncated.

      Typing in the search bar will now display search results directly on the facet and not on a combobox like before. We highlight parts of the results that match the searched string. Issue number can only be shown on hover.

      If a result is already selected, the keyboard hint appears there also. It's also the case if an item has been selected before the user tries to search something.

      If a search result item shows 0 as a result on hover, it won't be clickable.


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