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WS API to implement a build breaker strategy



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      Note: the purpose is to be able to implement the build-breaker feature when doing "regular" (= publish mode) analyses. It does not cover the build-breaker feature when doing "preview" analyses.

      Use cases that we want to cover

      • I'm doing continuous deployment of my web application and in my CI pipeline, I have a step that runs a SQ analysis to verify the quality gate and prevent a deployment if it is red
      • I have automated my release process and I want this automated process to stop if the quality gate of the code being released is not green

      What is missing in SQ 5.2 to achieve this?

      This build-breaker feature is already achievable in SQ 5.2.

      In 5.2, once the SQ analysis has sent the report to the server, it ends "successfully" and prints out a WS URL that can be called to verify the status of the report processing. Example:

      12:46:11.149 INFO - Analysis reports sent to server in 27ms
      12:46:11.150 INFO - ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL, you can browse http://localhost:9000/dashboard/index/fab:one-class-project
      12:46:11.150 INFO - Note that you will be able to access the updated dashboard once the server has processed the submitted analysis report.
      12:46:11.150 INFO - More about the report processing at http://localhost:9000/api/ce/task?id=AVDXd-hIzO-cOxQDPc9j

      The call to /api/ce/task WS mainly gives the status of the report processing: PENDING, IN PROGRESS, SUCCESS, FAILED, CANCELED.
      This means that one could already implement the build breaker by doing the following:

      1. Run the SQ analysis
      2. Call /api/ce/task until the status is SUCCESS or FAILED
        • If the status is FAILED => break
        • If the status is SUCCESS => immediately call /api/resources?metrics=alert_status&resource=xxxx to check the status of the quality gate

      What should be added to make it easier to achieve this feature?

      First: we don't want to parse the logs to know which WS URL to call => SONAR-6905

      Second: we need to keep more details about the analysis results so that there's no need to call the /api/resource WS => SONAR-6900

      • First because this WS call returns the information related to the latest analysis - which is OK if the call is run immediately after the report processing is finished but which does not guarantee that it's the correct status
      • And then because it's an old and buggy WS

      Third: it currently takes admin permissions to successfully call report processing status WS. We'll probably have to allow users that have the "Run analysis" permission to access this WS. => SONAR-7034

      • This point needs to be discussed and challenged.


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