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Users should be able to choose their SonarQube homepages



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      (This MMF is an extension of MMF-1128, which allowed SonarCloud users to choose their own homepages )

      As a SonarQube user, I want to be able to define which page should be my home page, i.e. where I land when I log in or when I click on the top left icon. The point of this is to allow the user to customize her experience so that she lands immediately on the most appropriate page rather than having to navigate to it.


      The possible homepage options are:

      • The home page of a project or application's master branch or any other long-lived branch
      • A portfolio home page
      • (My) Projects
      • (My) Issues
      • (My) Portfolios

      Stickiness will stay the same. Specifically, when you choose Issues, Projects, or Portfolios as your homepage, you are not choosing the particular version of the page (E.G. My Issues, Risk visualization) you happen to be on when you make the choice, but the high-level version of the page. All current behaviors of those pages will remain in place. That means that if I'm on My Issues when I click on the 'home' icon, then flip to the All Issues aspect, clicking on the logo in the top-left (home) will take me to All Issues.

      When a user hasn't chosen a homepage or the chosen homepage has been removed (e.g. project or long-lived branch is deleted, edition is downgraded from Enterprise to Developer, ...), the current default - Projects / My Projects - should remain in place.

      What we're not doing

      The choice to retain current page behaviors was made as a baby step and because it gets very complicated otherwise. For example, if I'm able to make My Projects my homepage, how does perspective stickiness apply? When I go home, do I always return to the list of projects, or to the last perspective I visited on the page? What if on my last visit I flipped from My to All, and then chose the Risk perspective? Does my next trip home (My) take me to the list of projects, or to Risk? And what about the menu behavior? If My is my homepage, then going home always takes me to the same place, but clicking on Projects in the menu will get varying results depending on where my last visit to the page ended, which could be confusing for users.


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