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Offer built-in projects badges in SonarQube



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      MMF-914 made badges available for SonarCloud without a plugin so that users can promote their project health outside SonarCloud itself. For instance an open source project on SonarCloud can now include quality gate and/or metrics badges in its GitHub readme.
      We want SonarQube to offer a similar feature and to provide badges to display the status of a project or application outside SonarQube, in on-prem SCM repos or on project web-sites.


      SonarCloud offers 3 badge types:

      • Marketing - a static content "Analyzed on SonarCloud" badge
      • Quality Gate - a squarish, fixed-width, "pretty" badge offered only for QG status
      • Developer - a flexible-length, rectangular, shield.io-style for which you can pick from several metrics:
        • Quality Gate status
        • Bugs / Vulnerabilities / Code Smells
        • Coverage
        • Debt
        • Duplications
        • Lines of Code
        • Reliability / Security / Maintainability Ratings

      I want to be able to add similar badges for a project or an application that is analyzed on SonarQube:

      • On the README page of the GitHub repository, I want to be able to add a "Developer" shield.io-style badge that displays the main metrics for the project:
        • Quality Gate status
        • Bugs / Vulnerabilities / Code Smells
        • Coverage
        • Debt
        • Duplications
        • Lines of Code (the size of the project is useful to intepret other metrics such as the number of issues)
        • Reliability / Security / Maintainability Ratings
      • On intranet website of the project, I want to be able to add a nice "Quality Gate" badge that displays the overall status of my project.
      • I don't specifically need a "Analyzed on SonarQube" badge that wouldn't provide any information.

      SonarQube badges should be offered for long-lived branches of projects and applications where Anonymous has Browse permission.
      With this MMF, we won't offer badges on private projects.


      The same WS should now be available for both SonarCloud and SonarQube.
      Parameters should now be checked against existing projects AND applications.


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