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New Support plugin available for 6.7 LTS



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      With next LTS, support will come separately from commercial products. This means that for instance:

      • Community Edition users might buy support (and only support) from SonarSource
      • Enterprise Edition customers might not buy support

      Discovery and availability of commercial support

      Like described in the "Marketplace" MMF-1066, we will add a dedicated "Support Package" box that user can buy. This will contain the License Manager Plugin and the new Support plugin.
      All the other packages (Dev edition, EE and DataCenter) will contain the Support plugin too.

      Initial scope of the support plugin

      When installed, the Support plugin will contribute a page that will be display in the global "Administration" space, right after "Marketplace".

      If the instance is not supported (information provided by the License Manager plugin or found in the DB - depending on the technical solution decided for MMF-951), the page will simply say something like: "This instance is not supported. Please contact SonarSource to get support."

      If the instance is supported, the page contains the following:

      Top banner
      This banner should is at the top of the page. It displays text that is fetched from static URL (URL delivered by the infra team).
      If there is no content to display or if the SonarQube instance cannot access internet, the banner should not be visible.

      Static content

      Need help with your SonarQube ecosystem?

      Browse online ressources:

      Not finding the help you need?

      This SonarQube server is covered by your SonarSource support subscription.
      On our Support page you can find all the information you need concerning the SonarSource service desk, including how to create tickets.

      After you read it, feel free to create a ticket to report your problem, ask a question or suggest a change:

      1- Get your Support Information file <<<button to get the support information file>>>
      2- Connect to the SonarSource support portal [button or link to go to support portal]
      3- Create a ticket of the appropriate type (don't forget to attach your support information file)

      Support info file download button
      This button makes you able to download a JSON file that contains:

      • System information
      • license information
        • license type
        • license is valid?

      Nice to have

      If we have some bandwidth left, it would be nice to implement the following behaviour in SonarQube:

      • If the instance is not supported, then the "Get Support" link (in the footer and in the help) still points to https://redirect.sonarsource.com/doc/community.html
      • If the instance is supported, this link opens a modal or a page which says that this SonarQube instance benefits from commercial support and that you should contact your SQ administration in case of problem




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