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All commercial plugins ready for SonarQube 6.7 LTS



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      The new pricing model will be based on 4 main feature sets:

      • Support Pack
      • Developer Edition
      • Enterprise Edition
      • DataCenter Edition

      The new license manager (see MMF-951) will define which plugins belongs to which pack. We have to prepare those plugins and everything that comes with them.

      Definition of the commercial plugins for 6.7 LTS

      Here is currently how features will be put together inside plugins:

      • Branch Plugin
        • Long lived branches
        • Short lived branches
        • Pull requests
      • High Availability Plugin
        • Cluster of SQ nodes
      • Governance Plugin
        • Portfolio and Application management
        • PDF reports
        • Move of projects
        • Multiple workers per Compute Engine node
      • Developer Plugin
        • Notifications in SonarLint when using the Connected Mode
      • Support Plugin
      • And obviously all the commercial analyzers

      What has to be done

      • Create the "High Availability plugin"
        • Define and implement how to control the ability to activate a cluster
      • Create the Support plugin
        • At least the entry point in SonarQube should be done, even if the first page of the plugin is simply saying "Supported / not supported"
        • Make sure that for a second iteration (MMF-1065), we'll have everything available through API or DB access
      • For all the plugins:
        • Implement the new licensing mechanism (MMF-951) to protect them
        • For the new plugins:
          • Make sure that the name, description, URL, ... etc are correct from an end-user POV
          • Make sure that we have the redirects created
          • Create the (private) documentation pages
      • Create the build processes to generate the edition ZIP files:
        • Support Pack:
          • Support plugin
          • License Manager plugin
        • Developer Edition
          • Content of Support Pack +:
          • Branch plugin
          • Developer plugin
          • Modern languages:
            • SonarCFamily
            • SonarSwift
            • SonarVB
            • SonarABAP
            • SonarPLSQL
            • SonarTSQL
        • Enterprise Edition
          • Content of Developer Edition +:
          • Governance
          • Legacy languages:
            • SonarCOBOL
            • SonarRPG
            • SonarPLI
            • SonarVB6
        • Data Center Edition
          • Content of Enterprise Edition +:
          • HA plugin

      Validation for this MMF

      We expect to have all the platform plugins deployed on Next:

      • working with a production license for Next (whereas they're currently working w/o a license)
      • with correct descriptions and links in the Update Center
      • and with valid (private) documentation pages


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