Change Log

A list of released versions. Click on the row to display issues for that version.

  • 5.1.2

    Bug fixes

  • 5.1.1

    Bug fixes

  • 5.1

    New overall layout, merge Issues Drilldown with Issues page, tags of issues, auto-assignment of issues, "won't fix" issues, issues report as a core feature, new Rules page, more efficient Component Viewer, possibility to import all files, timezone issue fixed, SonarQube binaries compatible with Java 1.7+ only

  • 5.0.1

    Bug fixes, SQALE model update

  • 5.0

    New Issues page with facets thanks to issues and source lines in E/S, SCM built-support for Git and SVN, first steps of analysis report processing on server side (DB cleaner), end of Maven 2 support, end of "sonar.importSources" support, use of '/' in branch names

  • 4.5.5

    Bug fixes

  • 4.5.4

    Bug fixes (performance issue with Java 8 on server side, security vulnerabilities), SQALE model update

  • 4.5.2

    Bug fixes, SSLv3 disabled

  • 4.5.1

    LTS version - Many bug fixes and small improvements, stop support of Java 6 as runtime environment

  • 4.5

    SQALE Rating and Technical Debt Ratio, improvement of Coding Rules pages (active severity filter, display of remediation functions, management of manual rules), various other improvements and bug fixes